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I have AR 75 1600 IE running LPG only. It has VW ignition module TZ2 like golf mk2 and after two years of running without problems except somewhat messy idle engine has just shutdown after detonation.
Checked whole intake for false air, LPG filter , ignition module and coil.
Also checked compression 10.5 / 10 / 9 / 9
I have new cables both for ignition module and spark plugs that is also new and I have noticed that spark is much stronger when motor starter is connected directly to the + pole on the battery.
Even with this connection symptoms are the same, it just wont give throttle response with engine shutdown after detonation.
it is the same with starter gasoline sprayed in the intake.
Is there someone to explain me wiring from contact to the ignition coil and starter motor with relays?
ECU is not connected so I have to check what previous owner messed up.

Distributor, ignition
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