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Anyone have radiator overflow bottle for sale?

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Hey anyone have an overflow bottle for a 71 GTV?
I think that any GTV 69-74 would work, also
any spider 69-80(Spica?). I have the brackets
that hold it, but no bottle.

I dont think they are available new anymore.

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I may have an extra overflow bottle from a 69 Berlina.

It is not pretty, but I do not think it leaks.

If it will work, let me know.
Sounds good. E-mail me the price, and a pic
if you have it. Im pretty sure a 69 should fit.


[email protected]
Someone, somewhere just started making them. Searched for years then all of a sudden, here they are. part # AR 10 036 034.
I have one

Hey Keven:

I have an extra radiator overflow bottle on a bosch 84 spider that I am parting. Its the same one as on my 78 spica Spider. Sell her to you for $20 plus shipping. Drop me an email if you are interested.

John M
Awesome find!! Thanks for the link. Have you
ordered from them?

John thanks for the offer, I bought one from

I may get anal in the rebuild and buy a brand
new one:D But for now the used one should do.

Thanks all for the responses.
I'll be placing my second order with Stefan at Hurtienne in a couple of weeks. Pretty good stuff at a very reasonable price. If you'd like to save on shipping, I'll add a second bottle to the order.
re: overflow bottle

I am anal, that's why I sold mine to Keven. Papajam, if you don't mind, add one to your order for me too!
Sorry for the late response, I have been out of
town all week. Thanks for the offer, but I think
I will pass for now. Not ready to start the Alfa
project, cause Im in the middle of lanscaping.

I'll probably order up a bunch of stuff at one time.
When I do I'll let you know, and could order some
stuff for you as well.

Got the bottle. Man you werent kidding about it
not being pretty:D But for $10 inc postage, cant
beat that!!

Im soaking it in Simple Green. Should do until
I buy one from Jim's source.

Thanks for the help.

You got it Jeff! Order will be placed mid/late April.

I am glad that you got it. I had two and they both looked exactly the same. Now you know why I am buying a new one! I just got a new fan from Alfa Parts, turns out they are white. I always thought they were yellow! Can't wait to get the white overflow bottle.

I did have an idea for the old bottle. If you buy two small hose fittings and attach them to the side of the bottle, connected by a small clear hose, you could paint the bottle black or whatever and still be able to visually check the coolant level. That was my plan until Papajam said that he had found new ones.


Do you know if Rainer Hurtienne has the old style brake resevoir with the two seperate resevoirs and the big metal filler cap? The one they show on the website is not the same. If they do, I need one of those as well. I appreciate the offer to combine shipping but if it is too much hassle let me know, otherwise just let me know how much I owe you and I will send $$$. As far as the shipping to me, I have an account with FedEx and UPS, so just let me know when you have it and we can ship it on my account.
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Been looking for a brake reservoir for years and haven't found one yet. So the search continues.......
re: overflow bottle

Just got an e-mail from Richard Norris at Alfaholics. He has the coolant overflow bottles for £23+vat each! (about $38.00).

My wife and I are visiting London on April 20th, so. . . If you would like I can pick up the bottles and avoid the shipping costs. Actually, if there is anything else they have that you want, let me know.

Anyone else need anything?

OK, so I spend about 1/2 hour Simple Greening
the crap out of the bottle I bought from Jeff.
Looks pretty good, time to install. I set it
on the fender while I monkey with the battery,
and plop it falls to the floor, and cracks:mad:

So back to square one....
If you want, I will bring you a new one back from Alfaholics. Just say the word. As a matter of fact, let me know right away so I can tell Richard how many I need.

Let's see. . . One for me, one for Keven, how about you, Jim? Anyone else? I will sell them at cost and can even UPS them at cost as well (from work).

Sorry that it cracked, but how did it look? I haven't cleaned mine since I am getting a new one, but I might clean it since I will be running the car at Willow the week before I go to London.
By all means, Jeff. Count me in for one. Thanks!!!
Oh, I forgot. Maybe you could ask Richard to waive the Value Added Tax cause the parts are going to the States. Just a thought.

Yes, please pick me one up from Alfaholics.
Does it come with a cap? If not, could you please
pick one up as well?

The bottle cleaned up pretty good. It still had
a little bit of grease stains on the inner top
of the bottle. Must have been from a car with a
very bad head gasket, then again what Alfa does
not experience this once in its life:D

Jeff, Thanks for getting these for us.


BTW, International auto has then for $51, which
seems very high, until you try and buy one over
seas for $25, then pay $25 for shipping:(
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Did you get a chance to pick up the bottles?
Let me know, and I'll mail you the cash.

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