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Is anyone available to make their classic car a video star? I received this request today from Molly Rupert who is heading this project. In exchange Molly can offer a modest sum as payment or do a professional shoot of your car complete with video and drone footage. This is a shoot for a former Voice contestant that is putting out a new song. They are looking for classics from the 50's, 60's and maybe early 70's. It will be a West Side Story theme with lots of dancing so if you have kids they might enjoy the outing. I know it is short notice but who is not looking for a little distraction these days? It will be fun.

From Molly:
I’m reaching out about using your vehicle for a music video shoot my production crew and I are doing Friday (tomorrow) night. We're looking for a classic car to rent for this shoot.

It is at the Fillmore private parking lot in Fishtown, Philadelphia. This scene would be from 9pm - 12am (at longest). The music video is for a former contestant on The Voice who is local to Philadelphia and releasing a new song. The car would be at one location in Philadelphia from 8:30pm-12 roughly. The car would only be on the set and would not be driven by anyone. If you're available to meet us at the location with it and stay on set (or pick it up afterwards).

This scene is very West Side Story - Jets vs Sharks. So we are looking for 2 cars, one for each group of dancers to perform in front of. This is very much a blend of modern music and dance while tipping our hats to the past. The exact year is not a make or break by any means! I'd be more than willing to take any beauty photos or videos of their cars for them at a later date. Drone footage, video, photos, etc. We can cover whatever beauty or detail shots they would want..

Let me know if you can help. You can reach me at [email protected] or reach Molly at [email protected].
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