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Hi All,

Is anyone from the BB going to the AROSC car show tomorrow ( sunday the 27th ) in Agua Dulce ?

It's actually very close, only 20 minutes up the 14.

I'll be there with my silver Duetto ( the one with the BWA's )

I'll try to take some pictures.

See ya there !

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Who, What, Where, When?

I thought I saw the winery on TV and they were temporarily shut down? Some sort of controversy. Is there going to be another meeting place?

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I got an email yesterday that said:


There has been some 'nervousness' regarding the winery in Aqua Dulce,
the site of AROSC's first concours of the year. Some say it is closed,
some say it might be open. Some say, lots of different things.

Norm Silverman has been on top of things, and in response to inquiries,
sent me the following. Whatever the situation, it seems that Norm has
worked a contingency plan. Fear not. We will make it happen,

Thanks for listening,

Jay Negrin


Pls send the following info.

We will still meet at the winery. There is still a chance that their
conditional use permit will be reinstated. By the way, the closure only
affects the winery, not the vineyards. Backup plan, worked out with the
winery is as follows:
Less than 1 mile down the road is the Agua Dulce Airpark. This is a
private airport and home development that hosts a fly in (Santa Maria
style) barbecue on the weekends - $7 for tri-tips and $3 for hotdogs.
They will provide us with a section of their large, newly paved
parking lot where we will have a view of the vintage, home made and
experimental aircraft coming and going.
Either option should provide one of the most interesting, entertaining
and interactive venues we've ever had for a concours.


The winery is up Sierra highway . Exit the 14 fwy at Agua Dulce and follow the road. after a sharp right loof for the stop sign. Tuen left and follow to Sierra highway. Turn right and look for the winery ( or follow the alternate instructions to the airpark


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