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Anybody ship a car to Europe?

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I want to ship one of my cars to Europe (France) but I get quotes all over the ballpark, so I don't know what it should cost or what preparations I should make. So far about the only thing I've learned is that it's better to get it shipped to the interior where bureaucracy is easier to get thru than to pick it up at a port.

Has anyone done this recently, like the last 5-10 years?
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I will get you some info tommorow on a company that shipped a vehicle for someone I know to Sweden. He was extremely pleased.
Great! I look forward to your post.
A friend of mine got a half container of household goods for $3700 shipped inland from MN. A full container is only $500 more. Half container is enough for a compact car + some other stuff. Still too much money, I think.
I think you will find 164 pretty good value to start with over here or have you a buyer for yours
I notice a LOT of Alfas in Paris, where it is a prestige car.

Mine is kinda OK, with 207k, new belt, couple little dents, no known problems. And it WOULD be closer to Milano, but I wasn't thinking of shipping that one, but rather an 85GSL RX-7.
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