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As we are still in lock down I, like many others I'm sure, have been spending a bit of time having sort out/clearouts. Today was the shed, which houses a collection of Spider bits and pieces from an S4 parts car.

I would like to clear some of the stuff.

If anybody needs anything not listed, please let me know, I may have it! I am in the UK so it may not be practical to send stuff to the States.

For starters:

Two new rear repair panels

New, unused, rear springs. I think they are standard, as per the green marks

Cast iron headers. Although they are from the S4 I believe they can be used on any of the 105/115 series.

Heat shield to fit above the headers, for later S4s. This is only useful if you have a later, cable throttle car with studs on the headers to locate this.

There is much other stuff, like a boot lid, the plastic side strips, rear bumper, steering column, windscreen chrome surround trim.
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