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Anybody know much about the 80's Becker Grand Prix

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I picked up a Becker Grand Prix out of a 1987 at the local Pick-n-pull recently. Hooked it up to 12V and so far it works.

I have yet to try it with speakers, but I was wondering if anybody here has any experience with 80's Beckers?

I've heard mixed reviews. I like the look, and think it looks more appropriate in the Berlina than the current 2005 vintage Pioneer, which is also having trouble staying on lately.

But before I try to mount it I thought I'd see if it's a waste of time, or worth the effort.

I know it's not exactly high power. I have a few amps in the basement I could use if needed.

Here's what it looks like:

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Mercedes Benz used to use Becker. As I remember, a no nonsense radio. I think it even has a "weather" band.
Yup, this one came out of a 190. I know the really old models are highly sought after, but there isn't too much info on the late 80's models.
Becker NA is still alive and well in NJ with tons of radios, parts and service readily available here's their website: index

FWIW... your '74 Berlina would look much more authentic (if that matters to you) with a Becker Europa II stereo radio. They are available through Becker NA (rebuilt) and eBay quite regularly ($200 can score a nice one). Easily Ipod compatible. Just plug a wire in back (available through Becker NA for $50).

No need for an amp what-so-ever (and will DRIVE four modern speakers) if you do this:

Although I've heard they're pretty good as is (stock) with just two speakers.
The 1980's (612) grand prix fit with the 1980's vehicle; however, I don't do 1980's music.

Sound quality is amazing. Hard to get excited about using cassette tapes. I have enjoyed the Becker NA installed "ipod" plug as a update. Service from Becker NA is first rate.

Attached is a collection of a few PDFs.



For now the dash has been hacked to accept a standard DIN radio. As I'm "restoring" this Berlina on the cheap for now, I'm just looking for a DIN radio that doesn't constantly cut out, and I'm happy to use a cassette adapter for my ipod for now since the Berlina is pretty loud.
Nice radio. Hay the price was right as well. I would install it. It is a good sounding unit at adult volume. MP3 ad-on for later.
iDeck Integrated Car Cassette Adapter for iPod Certified Made for iPod
You could go back and find these items
Becker amplifier
Antenna Booster
I saw something about the amp but it looks like a 300 unit, not a 190. I'll poke around if I go back.
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