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Once upon a time, when I was 16 years old, I owned a black ’79 Alfetta GTV that had the perfect exhaust note.

Anyone that has had a Ansa exhaust will probably know what I mean…

All the modern systems available appear to be very good quality but for nostalgic reasons I must imitate this oldschool sound… even with the trade off of inferior quality :rolleyes:

I recall reading the dual tip Ansa Sport tips had baffles of some sort welded into them that give them the raspy, deep throated sound. So one can assume it is mostly the tip that gives the unique sound?

I have seen Ansa style dual-tips on ebay but I recall the ones on my Alfetta had ‘fake’ outlets, the exhaust gasses actually exited through the bottom of the pipes as shown in the pic below.

Does anyone here recall these? Was this a special type? Do they sound any different than the usual Ansa tips? Maybe a type available for a Maserati or something that was adapted? Are there other more important things in this world i should be more concerned about? :D

Who wants to sell me an immaculate NOS one? Hey you never know… ;)


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