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Hi all, another puzzle. This one applies to my 1979 2litre GTV.
Background. Swapped out the centre pilot bearing, donut and carrier for the driveshaft to cure the problem of the gear change shaft contacting the drooping centre guibo/donut. All good. Also changed the gearbox oil with SmurfBlood and accidentally put the magnetic plug at the top. That's it.
Tested car: nasty grinding noise that sounds like a muted version of what we just fixed. Checked for visual signs of interference but... wait for it... the grinding noise only occurs in reverse or when changing down.
It is NOT a synchro issue. There is no vibration through the stick and the noise seems to be related to engine speed not transmission speed.
It ONLY happens during the release of the clutch as the load of deceleration is taken up. That is: I can depress the clutch and shift the gear with out a grind but when I let out the clutch then the weird noise... it does not happen when simply decelerating and in gear. Only as the clutch takes the load after a downshifting.
Over to you my wise and erudite Alfisti mates...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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