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Yes, I searched this topic but didn't find anything. My '74 GTV has what are probably the original dealer-installed seatbelts. Each belt has two enertial reels, one on the rear quarter panel and one on the floor. Each reel has a separate belt to the male buckle. I like this set-up because you can lock up the lap belt while keeping the shoulder belt loose until it is enertially activated. Has anyone seen replacements for this system? At all the sources mentioned in earlier posts the three-point belts are anchored solidly on the floor.

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Hi Clark

I've never seen, nor heard of this system, it's definitely a Dealer installation, but it does make perfect sense.

Not sure about replacement hardware, the anchor bolts are pretty standard, but there are reputable companies that can re-web your inertia reel belts if needed - a google search should pick them up - just make sure that the belts conform to the relevant safety codes, etc, etc.

Post a pic or two if you can


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