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Had to give another refresher lesson in Alfa 164 maintenance 101 to the daughter's BF.

She called Friday that they were taking his 164L back to her house to get her 164B because it was "choking out" and not shifting right. She said he had checked all the fluid levels.

Well, turns out his checking the oil in tranny procedure was to pull the dip stick with engine off which works fine and is the best way to check engine oil level but not as he now knows not the correct way with automatic tranny.

Well after checking A/T fluid level in Park with engine idling and finding it about 2 llters/quarts low, his 164L has its good old shifty ways back again when oil level back up to max mark cold. My daughter pointed out to him the hot and cold markings on opposite sides of dip stick.

I got to drive my 164B to the Italian Bakery again to meet up with couple of Ferrari buds who drove their back up vehilcles yesterday - Bimmer M3 and "Boss looking" Mustang and third ex-Jaguar friend (sold V12 Jag on ebay to guy in Chicago) who came in his VW Passat. He redeemed himself by bringing an Italian magazine with 100 Annio cover and lots of Alfa articles. Pictures where great even if I don't read Italian very well.
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