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another ring question

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If you had a ring issue (burning oil) would you hone and re-ring or go the liner – piston route with a 2L Spica? Any special place to send the liners for honing?
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If you've got a variable speed drill and a honing head (available at most parts counters) you can hone cylinders yourself.

The only real problem would be with some of the specialty type rings that require a specific angle on the honing/hatch marks to allow the rings to bed properly. (Deves rings come to mind for some reason)

In that event, I'd suggest sending it/them to an engine shop to be put on thier honing machine.

Still, you'll have t measure piston to liner clearance first to see if it's even worthwhile doing a hone.

If the liners are out of round or have too much clearance, you're far better off replacing pistons and liners as a set which will likely come with rings and be properly honed anyway.
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