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G'day fellas.

I'd like to build up a new hotrod to eventually replace my current Alfa powered 28 Ford roadster (refer: gallery/Alfa hotrod)
Although I'm quite happy with the roadster I must admit that I love building cars and I want to take this concept a bit further.
Therefore I'd like to use the V6 in my next project and before I commit I'd like to ask you guys a few questions.

Is there a lot of difference in power b/w the 2.5L and 3.0L. The 2.5Ls are fairly plentiful here in Oz but given that this is a hotrod do you think I be happier with the grunt of the larger engine? Subjective question I know, but I'm interested in your thoughts.

I want to buy a rusted out or wrecked car to use a donor vehicle rather than buy all the bits individually from a wrecker because it's much cheaper that way. Which models would you guys recommend?

I'd like to run twin side pipes for looks. IMO Alfa V6s are one of the best sounding V6s out there but how do they sound with a twin system. Especially one as short as I want.

The rear wheels will be quite large at over 30" dia. and so the standard V6 ratio may be too low. What's involved in using the 4 cylinder gear bag mated to the V6 clutch housing? I'm led to believe that apart from the ratios the 4 and 6 boxes are the same. Is this so?

What's the standard injection system like? Can it be tweaked for performance or should I invest in a new CPU? I have a Megasuirt kit lying around at home, has anyone used one of these? Also what should I watch out for when buying one of these engines? They're obviously much dearer to rebuild than the trusty 4 but by what margin?

As with my current rod this one will be super low. Maybe even lower. I plan to run an open bonnet with no fenders and the polished up V6 will look a bit like an old side valve Ford V8. They even have the same number of exhaust outlets!! The body will be a chopped pickup cab from a 30-32 Ford and the transaxle will reside in the pickup bed.

Any advice from you guys would be much appreciated.
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