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1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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Thomas emailed me coupla weeks ago about his new to him 164L. Short story I sold and shipped to him a key blank and parking light assembly for it.

Our MAARC AROC chapter is on our annual wine tour and pilgrimage to IAP. So Tom who is currently living in C-ville met us at hotel with his new ride.

He ask, "did these cars come with power steering?" Well finding PS reservoir empty, I figured he had a leak and sure enough rack is shot. We added some ATF and it ran out of rack boot almost as soon as we started engine.

So I cut P/S belt to prevent any further damage to pump.

Nice clean car inside and out but some repair required.

We called Jorgen's in MI Steering gears and steering gearboxes, rack and pinion steering gears and more. and they are going to rebuild a rack for him next week as they have some cores in stock but none ready to go right now.

You pay your money and then they build one for you.

Well, time for breakfast before we go to IAP for discount shopping today.
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