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Anachronistic Spider thread!

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Hi everyone,
I'm now officially an Alfa Spider owner. With a few friends and a large trailer, I brought home with me this Red 1985 Spider! Her body was real solid throughout, with few rust spots. Now I have to begin getting her to run

Listing Price: $1200
Price paid: $1000
Tax+Tabs: 75.00

The following picture album consists mostly of images taken before I vacuumed and cleaned the various compartments and components.
Pictures by crazybob1300 - Photobucket

P/O history:
Deceased for about 3 years, was a draftsman with a history of working on cars. His family was selling this car and 3 chevy 350 engines and associated tools.

It seems like the mounting of the left Carello was finished, but not the right. I guess thats when he may have moved on - either figuratively or literally.

Car history:
Has been garage kept since at least 1993 (the last tabs on the plate are from that year). The family could not remember a time it wasn't garage kept.

The body is solid. Both "floor pan bungs" need to be replaced, and I honestly thought there was a giant hole on the driver's side because I was unfamiliar with these plugs.

There is a bubble the size of a nickel on the driver's rocker panel, but it is solid. The undercoating has survived. The downpipe and muffler are rusty, but seem to be normal for this area of the country. The trunk is totally solid - a rarity. My Father's 1990 Spider had a spare tire rot issue and it lived/lives in Virginia.

This is where the strangeness begins. The front is 100% from a 75-82 spider. I don't know what year. The rest of the body is the 1985 spider that it is.

Looks like the bottom of the dash is exposed on the drivers side. I still need to go through the fuse box and set everything right.

The seats bottoms are pretty torn up - and the seat cushions have detached from the metal bottoms. The aforementioned metal seat bottoms have rusted pretty badly.

The carpets have a moldy odor, but are in decent shape. They are a tanish brown color. The trunk carpets look new and are black.

The center console is intact, its just detached. I have all the parts to put it back together - I just need to figure out why it was taken apart.

The car was purchased with a hardtop, and it looks like its the factory top from 197X-198X cars. Its not the quadrifoglio style, but it still looks nice. Its in great shape - I'll be refurbishing it (i.e. cleaning it) and passing it on to another owner to help fund my Alfa's refurbishment.

Under the hard top - and to my surprise was a lonely soft-top. The cloth was in great shape (it was just dirty in the pictures) and cleaned up very nicely. I'm still working on cleaning the window, which seems to have had some trouble during its long dormancy period. It needs to be stretched some, as its about 2 inches from reaching the A-pillars to fasten correctly. I bet the top was new and being folded for 10+ years made it shrink a bit.

Here is where the anachronism continues. The original FI was removed and replaced with dual weber carbs. I have what looks to be a brand new alfa airbox for the webers. I cleaned the engine up, but have not yet turned it over. I have not tried to start it either, I will be going through the sitting spider thread as soon after I turn it over by hand. There is no catalytic converter! All the smog items were removed.

Pressing Questions:
-Where are the vin numbers located? Can I match the front end to a year, and can I check to see if the engine was that which came with the car? The P/O's family said it was a 1600cc, but the vin number runs as 2.0L.

-May not be original engine, is there a way to tell engine size from the outside?

-It looks like there is an air condition compresser, right?

-Is the intake used with the webers the correct one? How can I tell if the conversion was done correctly?

-When I turn the key (I bought a new battery) to what is normally ACC/ON - I hear a scary-sounding "whaaaaaaaa" that appears to be coming from the rear. I know that this is the fuel pump, but what noise is it supposed to make on the Spiders?

-Can you guys help identify the air vent hose in my linked photo album??

Pictures again:
The following picture album consists mostly of images taken before I vacuumed and cleaned the various compartments and components.
Pictures by crazybob1300 - Photobucket
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vin is on the drivers side door area..on the body.. and on the drives side windsheild area on the 'A ' piller...2arba541xf1020255...fuel pump should be quite..yes that is /or was a/c and the fuse box is from a easrlyer car... so the vin and the fuse box do not match.. the front bumper is early, the rear bumper is late as the tail lights and the spolier. front bumpers are 1971-1981...
it looks like 2 diff. cars..
The interior and rear end are 1985. I guess the PO like the older front end. Too bad it is missing the L Jetronic Bosch fuel injection, it is pretty good. The stock engine was a two liter, not sure about that one since it is missing the variable cam timing on the intake side. The AC is kind of rare. But the price you paid it is a steal. Welcome to the board. Attached is a picture of a friends 85.


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The stock engine was a two liter, not sure about that one since it is missing the variable cam timing on the intake side.
Do you think you could elaborate about this point? I know that the FI cars have VVT, but how can one see the VVT cams without taking off the cover?
The electronic VVT originally used on Your car had a big solenoid screwed into the cam cover that activated it. Your car has an older cam cover (or different engine) without provision for that solenoid.

Image taken from Greg Gordon's L-Jet Guide:
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a photo of the driverside 'A' piller and the plate on the engine bay ,please..
i think it is 2 diff. cars welded together.. not the turn the front fenders.. and the rear end is off a s3 car, the front is s2 car...
a photo of the driverside 'A' piller and the plate on the engine bay ,please..

I'll see what I can do after work. I will also be checking the engine identification mark on the head to see from which spider years it originates from. If I lift it up, I may be able to find the number on the bell housing.
Still a hell of a lot nicer than the thing from Texas, above. Enjoy it.
Here you can see all ID marks and numbers of the various types of engines
Engine types
i think it was a rear clip added...
i think it was a rear clip added...
No because the Vin# on the body is of an 85'. The base car is an 85 with a front clip added from an earlier model.

Is there a vin number on the metal stamping on the front clip? If there is, I can more accurately trace the year of the front.
the type shield on the bulkhead says 11502 if I read it right......
doesn't that designate a precat USA spider from 72-77 or thereabouts?
That looks to me to be a older spider engine bay. The master cylinder set up is the older design.

I agree there might be a rear clip added/repair.
Interior is not from an 1985 as the center console warning lights and chrome gauge bezels are from an earlier car.

In engine compartment, the AC compressor on an 85 would be on passenger side (unless moved for the carb conversion?)
That car looks all S2. Center console and dash are S2. Chrome bezels on the three center guages. S3 had black bezels. The center console is s2 and s3 up till like 81 but an 85 alfa definitely had a different set up warning lights and switches. I think the whole car is an 72 to maybe an 81.
Thanks for all the info, guys. I was able to get at the symbol on the front of the head thanks to my GF's small hands and some carbon paper. Its an Alfa symbol (a) with the numbers 22 below it. I looked for numbers above the crankcase but I didn't see them.

here are some pictures I took today:

The symbol on the front of the head, below it is stamped "22":

The numbers on the bulkhead (facing the engine compartment, under the cowl)

And a close up of the plate in the engine compartment

I removed the spark plugs and put marvel mystery oil into the cylinders. I was able to spin the fan by hand and I could feel the cylinders moving (using a rod put through the spark plug hole). Cylinder #1 (closes to the firewall) seems to have a stuck valve which is visible through the hole:
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