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Deb and I are looking for a 1970 to early 1974 Alfa Romeo spider. We'd like a square-tailed car that is in show condition (condition 2 or high 3) with no mechanical needs and absolutely no rust. The car must have an extensively documented history. My area of search area is also confined to Colorado and the Southwestern USA.

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I found what seems to be exactly what I wanted. My wife and I are hopefully purchasing a gorgeous 1973 red Alfa Spider in Greenville SC. That sure didn't take long. I spent eight months locating my MkI MGB and three years finding my Fiat 124 Spider.

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Things didn't work out on this one. I'm going to confine my search to an area much closer to home. Long distance transactions involve too many difficulties for both buyer and seller.

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Off topic, I know

Good luck on your search - Is your last name, Seldom, by chance, Smith? ;)
I used to know of a Duetto in Grand Junction - don't know if it is again for sale or not - I'll see if I can find the old posting.

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Not Smith but I am a big Edward Abbey fan (where oh where is he when we need him). The GJ car dropped off the listing some time ago.


Update: November 5
Well we've changed our minds about another car. The money is going to go into our three other classics. The GTV is now on the waiting list for a show quality paint job, re-chromed bumpers, new headliner, windscreen, weather stripping and a small oil leak. The Fiat 124 spider will get a new Robbins top and re-chromed bumpers. The MGB will get new engine mounts and a detailed engine compartment. The GTV is my real dream car anyway.

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restored '82 alfa to be available soon

Hi -

Hope this finds you. (I'm not to swift on tech/BB stuff).

Not sure if you are still looking . . . If so, I have an '82 Spider (owned since '86; I am 2nd owner) that I just had painted Alfa green and on which I am having a new top and new carpeting installed. Car is also in process of a mechanical re-make by Larry Buskirk . Details:
- new Stayfast canvas top in light tan on newly powder-coasted spider frame,
- new charcoal gray european lambswool carpeting
- substantial engine work (including introduction of upgraded cams that added significant power under the hood),
- recent total replacement of exhaust line,
- recently installed new springs and shocks,
- fuel injection recently refurbished,
- new wheels and tires,
- a new heater fan motor,
- new windshield washer motor,
- many other new parts, etc.

Also outfitted with Alpine stereo/CD, etc. All main systems are new or otherwise restored and superb. All remaining work should be done in 2 weeks. Car is in SF Bay area. CA reg. current.

I planned to keep it obviously but now am thinking of replacing it with a Duetto if i can get enough money out of my '82. I don't have a price in mind yet (still spending money!!) but if you are interested in a car that is almost concours level maybe we can work something out. My e-mail is [email protected] Bay Area Alfa Club member.

Any others seeing this that might have an interest are welcome to inquire. If no action here I will probably put a new listing on the BB in December.

Happy holidays all.


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"71 and a '79 Euro 2000

Let me ask you to look at the "Alfa Trilogy" post.
Utube index for captainjamesasmith:

captainjamesasmith - YouTube

The '71 and '79 are both for sale. The '71 is ready to roll and the '79 is getting the engine compartment refreshed. I have new photos of the '71 if you are interested. Here is the new write up on the '71.

See attachments for photos.

History on 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750

This spider was purchased from an Alfa enthusiast living in St. Petersburg, FL. The car was original owned by a doctor that put the car in a repair shop. The repair shop said that the doc brought his car in regularly for service and it was well maintained. He developed engine problem so the engine was rebuilt around 2005 and around 4,000 miles ago. The doctor never came back for the car, so the repair shop ended up taking title and sold the car to the previous owner in St. Pete. The previous owner did the $2,400 paint restoration (Grigio Metallizzato 737), and replaced the following items with new NOS parts.

• Brake master cylinder
• Shocks and Springs
• Radio with CD and speakers (now replaced with period correct radio)
• Canvas top
• Tires
• European Carello front light covers
• Fuel injection pump
• Reupholstered seats
• Suspension bushings

The car has never been in an accident. It has something special, Mille Miglia wheels. They were put on as an option when the car was purchased new. These are aluminum wheels I am told, and they appear to be because they have darkened in color to give a more pewter or silver gray appearance.
The cars speedometer says 67,800. I have no means of verifying that since the car is registered as antique and the mileage is exempt, and the registration shows it to be 999999. In the six years that I have owned it, it has been driven no more than 350 miles. I have two other Alfas that I can enjoy driving. The engine and the body have been verified by Alfa Romeo to be matching. I have purchased Webers and all the conversion parts, but have decided to leave it original. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Spica fuel injection. The transmission shifts smoothly in all gears. The ride is smooth and steering is effortless.
There was an issue with the floor boards rusting. This apparently was an issue after it had been sitting at the repair shop waiting for the Doc to return and pay for the rebuild. Alfa owners know how the windows and doors leak. The boards were repaired by welding new floor boards to the body in those areas that had water damage from the inside out. I did not see water damage in any other areas of the interior when I stripped everything, everything, out of the interior. I went ahead and put POR rust killer and prep on the entire floor board and then put a coating of POR 15 as a top coat. This stuff is great! When they welded on the passenger side floor board, they did not mate it to the right front jack point. This is not a major problem. I have used it for jacking the car up many times.

The following is a list of all the items that were repaired in this restoration.
• Blaupunkt Frankfurt Radio AM, FM, SW
• New original color paint with clear coat
• New dash and console
• Newer windshield and new seal
• New wipers (stainless)
• New gauges and bezels
• Rewired to code
• New switches on console
• New boots on shifter
• New original shift knob
• New carpeting
• New sound and heat proofing on floor boards
• Repaired weak areas in floor boards
• New mirrors and gaskets
• New outer door handles and gaskets
• Newer tail lights and side markers
• Newer bumpers
• New insignias and name plates
• New snaps on boot cover
• New head light trim for Carello Covers.
• New transmission mount
• New motor mounts
• New clutch master cylinder
• New valve cover gasket
• New paint on engine compartment
• New hoses and hose clamps
• New intake clamps
• New speedometer cable
• New heat hose and vacuum assist hose
• New fluids (Red Line where designated)
• New brake fluid
• New antifreeze
• New thermostat and gasket
• New fuel filter
• New cigarette lighter
• New bulbs where needed
• New gas overflow/vent reservoir hold down strap
• New door seals
• New window seals including wing windows
• New convertible top clamps
• New drain hoses inside body channels
• New exhaust system (all three components)
• New exhaust manifolds
• New heater/defroster control plate
• New points and distributor cap
• Roll Bar
• Carello Fog Lamps
• Relays for Driving Lights
• New oil pressure sensor
*Sometimes new refers simply replacing a worn part with a “new” part of high quality.

I have kept all my Alfas as original as possible. I have always tried to get Alfa original parts, but that is not easy, or possible, to do. I made a choice with this ’71 Spider and am willing to live with it. It was not an easy one. I placed a spoiler and air dam on the car. The appearance will be challenged by some, and looked upon favorably by others. I also installed a roll bar and the Carello Fog Lamps, none of which are original with the car. Having several Alfas allowed me to “tinker” with “enhancements” that I wanted to see on one of them. To return it to “original” simply weld or lead a few holes where the spoiler sits (I’d get a new trunk lid), remove the fog lamps, and remove the roll bar. I will add this, I read about the effects of the air dam and the spoiler on the Alfa Bulletin Board; the comments related to increased down force on curves at higher speeds is substantiated. It is quite a noticeable difference. The fog lamps light up the road as they are designed to do; quite remarkable in low visibility conditions. The roll bar adds to the appearance and I would hope it never proves its value as an additional safety add-on. Again, some will look favorably on the mods, and some will think I screwed up one of Alfas unique Spiders, a ’71. The modifications made, all function as an improvement to function of the vehicle. You be the judge, but in order to appreciate the changes, you would have to drive it.

You can email me at [email protected]

Good luck in finding the Alfa of your dreams.

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