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An evening with Ron Simons: RS Racing, 75 Experience @ Nurburgring

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Ron Simons will be visiting this coming week, and he offered to do an evening just like last January showing video and pictures from his 75 Experience driving school at the Nurburgring, video from other racing, discuss suspension setup of the 75/Milano, GTV6, Alfetta GT, Alfetta, etc. My Milano race car with the RSR suspension will be here, and we should also have some interesting recently developed suspension pieces of his to look at. Ron's web-site with his Nurburgring driving school and his suspension stuff can be accessed at RSRacing

My sons Carrera slot car set should be up for some "real" (beyond bench) racing.

It will be at my house (Laguna Niguel), Thursday January 3rd, starting at 6 pm. If you are interested in coming please send me an email through the BB to let me know and to get directions. We'll order some pizza, have beer, etc.

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