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A S1, and S2, and a true European 2000are now available from the collector.

1967 Duetto "original", concours winner in Denver area, perfect in everyway. Some small, easy to revert, mods. -- i.e. Cromodoras, high compression pistons and euro cams, three point harnesses and roll bar. Very good documentation. $25,000 SOLD

1971 Spider Veloce, reconditioned in 2009, complete new interior. All engine components removed, reconditioned, tested and restored. New paint matched to original color. Engine components are all original. Engine rebuild less than 10,000 miles ago. $13,500

1979 Spider 2000 European --get this -- a little ole lady in Germany bought it new and brought it to the USA (Texas and California). Less than 68,000 documented miles. Completely original, except for the cromodoras. Original wheels and hubs included. Even Carpeting is original. The radio was replaced with a correct era Blaupunkt am/fm. $16,000

Price for '71 and '79 ......$$28,000 Save $$ have both shipped at once.

If interested, read on:

For photos, go to my BB Albums and look at Part 1, part 2 and part 3 The Alfa Trilogy. I'll try to post a few on another reply.

Utube index for captainjamesasmith: Has all cars published.

The '71 and '79 are both for sale. The '71 is ready to roll and the '79 is getting the engine compartment refreshed. I have new photos of the '71 if you are interested.

History on 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto


The Duetto was manufactured on the 20th of July 1967 and sold on the 26th of February 1968 to Alfa Romeo from Newark, NJ, USA. Body color is red, with black skai interiors. The chassis number 665774 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 “duetto” (105.03), engine series AR 00536. The actual engine number is AR 18823.

Shonkwiler & Associates purchased the Duetto new in June of 1968. The car was passed down through the family for nearly 31 years. Health restrictions forced the Shonkwiler family (Paula Shonkwiler) to sell the car to Mondino Imports, Inc. However, Massimo did not fill in his name on the title and presumably did not drive the car until 3/17/2000. (Issued on 3/29/2000) Mondino Massimo was a foreign car specialist. Mondino Imports, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO rebuilt the engine and other mechanical parts. The previous mechanic, Ron Peterson, recalled rebuilding the engine in 1995. He recalled putting in high compression pistons (9.7:1), compared to the 9:1 stock pistons. He recalled putting in 2 liter European cams.

In April of 2000, Massimo gave the Duetto to Kevin Balden to sell. On June 6th of 2000, Dr. Loren Nelson purchased the car. The vehicle was titled to Aldren Corporation which was owned by Dr. Nelson. The title shows 0 miles, due to the antique status of the car. The mileage on the odometer showed just over 22,000 miles. It would be logical that the speedometer was replaced or turned back in 1995 when the car was overhauled. No records, only recollections, are available on the service done prior to June of 2000. The car has always been garaged. It has never been raced. The records on the Duetto were meticulously kept from 4/1/2000 until current. Dr. Nelson named the car “Francesca”.

Dr. Nelson entered the Duetto in the Denver Rocky Mountain Classic Italian Car Show and Concours 2004 and Francesca was the Concours Winner “Best Alfa”. It was the only the time the car was entered in a show.

I purchased the Alfa Romeo Duetto, Francesca, from Loren Nelson on June 20th, 2007. The car was in excellent condition. It was transported by private carrier from Evergreen, CO to Norfork, AR, where it remains in a humidity and temperature controlled garage.. A close inspection of the car showed that it had been taken very good care of. Dr. Nelson had receipts for items purchased and labor that came to over $11,500.00. His hundreds of hours of personal touches were not included in those numbers. There was no major items of repair needed, just replacement parts purchased for total restoration. I have spent over $3,000.00 for additional new parts or, for inventory of hard to find new parts, i.e. new factory original front brake calipers, and original tool kit. The current odometer reading as of September 2011 is 26616. This Alfa has been driven approximately 6200 miles in the last 11 years.

Items that remain to be done to the ’67 Duetto are: replace fiber air ducting to heater, put in resistors to eliminate radio interference, repair small crack in paint on rear corner panel and you might want to pull the engine at some time to paint the engine compartment (no problem, just dirty compared to rest of car) and the trunk compartment could be freshened up. You may wish to remove the roll bar and the 3 point harness, I have the originals. There is a set of 5 original 15" wheels and new hubcaps for changing out the 5 stars.

This is virtually all that I can think of that either needs to be done or I would like to be done. This Duetto gets compliments and respect wherever it goes. This is truly one of the best Duettos left in existence. It might help knowing that when Dr. Nelson showed the car in 2001, the car received 63 of a possible 70 points for the Exterior, 56.25 points of 60 for the Interior, 31 of 45 for Storage Compartments, and 62.3 or 65 points for the Engine Compartment. It received bonus points for being original and for its age. Francesca would be rated higher in ALL categories now.

History on 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750

This spider was purchased from an Alfa enthusiast living in St. Petersburg, FL. The car was original owned by a doctor that put the car in a repair shop. The repair shop said that the doc brought his car in regularly for service and it was well maintained. He developed engine problem so the engine was rebuilt around 2005 and around 4,000 miles ago. The doctor never came back for the car, so the repair shop ended up taking title and sold the car to the previous owner in St. Pete. The previous owner did the $2,400 paint restoration (Grigio Metallizzato 737), and replaced the following items with new NOS parts.

• Brake master cylinder
• Shocks and Springs
• Radio with CD and speakers (now replaced with period correct radio)
• Canvas top
• Tires
• European Carello front light covers
• Fuel injection pump
• Reupholstered seats
• Suspension bushings

The car has never been in an accident. It has something special, Mille Miglia wheels. They were put on as an option when the car was purchased new. These are aluminum wheels I am told, and they appear to be because they have darkened in color to give a more pewter or silver gray appearance.
The cars speedometer says 67,800. I have no means of verifying that since the car is registered as antique and the mileage is exempt, and the registration shows it to be 999999. In the six years that I have owned it, it has been driven no more than 350 miles. I have two other Alfas that I can enjoy driving. The engine and the body have been verified by Alfa Romeo to be matching. I have purchased Webers and all the conversion parts, but have decided to leave it original. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Spica fuel injection. The transmission shifts smoothly in all gears. The ride is smooth and steering is effortless.
There was an issue with the floor boards rusting. This apparently was an issue after it had been sitting at the repair shop waiting for the Doc to return and pay for the rebuild. Alfa owners know how the windows and doors leak. The boards were repaired by welding new floor boards to the body in those areas that had water damage from the inside out. I did not see water damage in any other areas of the interior when I stripped everything, everything, out of the interior. I went ahead and put POR rust killer and prep on the entire floor board and then put a coating of POR 15 as a top coat. This stuff is great! When they welded on the passenger side floor board, they did not mate it to the right front jack point. This is not a major problem. I have used it for jacking the car up many times.

The following is a list of all the items that were repaired in this restoration.
• Blaupunkt Frankfurt Radio AM, FM, SW
• New original color paint with clear coat
• New dash and console
• Newer windshield and new seal
• New wipers (stainless)
• New gauges and bezels
• Rewired to code
• New switches on console
• New boots on shifter
• New original shift knob
• New carpeting
• New sound and heat proofing on floor boards
• Repaired weak areas in floor boards
• New mirrors and gaskets
• New outer door handles and gaskets
• Newer tail lights and side markers
• Newer bumpers
• New insignias and name plates
• New snaps on boot cover
• New head light trim for Carello Covers.
• New transmission mount
• New motor mounts
• New clutch master cylinder
• New valve cover gasket
• New paint on engine compartment
• New hoses and hose clamps
• New intake clamps
• New speedometer cable
• New heat hose and vacuum assist hose
• New fluids (Red Line where designated)
• New brake fluid
• New antifreeze
• New thermostat and gasket
• New fuel filter
• New cigarette lighter
• New bulbs where needed
• New gas overflow/vent reservoir hold down strap
• New door seals
• New window seals including wing windows
• New convertible top clamps
• New drain hoses inside body channels
• New exhaust system (all three components)
• New exhaust manifolds
• New heater/defroster control plate
• New points and distributor cap
• Roll Bar
• Carello Fog Lamps
• Relays for Driving Lights
• New oil pressure sensor
*Sometimes new refers simply replacing a worn part with a “new” part of high quality.

I have kept all my Alfas as original as possible. I have always tried to get Alfa original parts, but that is not easy, or possible, to do. I made a choice with this ’71 Spider and am willing to live with it. It was not an easy one. I placed a spoiler and air dam on the car. The appearance will be challenged by some, and looked upon favorably by others. I also installed a roll bar and the Carello Fog Lamps, none of which are original with the car. Having several Alfas allowed me to “tinker” with “enhancements” that I wanted to see on one of them. To return it to “original” simply weld or lead a few holes where the spoiler sits (I’d get a new trunk lid), remove the fog lamps, remove the head lamp relays and remove the roll bar. I will add this, I read about the effects of the air dam and the spoiler on the Alfa Bulletin Board; the comments related to increased down force on curves at higher speeds is substantiated. It is quite a noticeable difference. The fog lamps light up the road as they are designed to do; quite remarkable in low visibility conditions. The roll bar adds to the appearance and I would hope it never proves its value as an additional safety add-on. Again, some will look favorably on the mods, and some will think I screwed up one of Alfas unique Spiders, a ’71. The modifications made, all function as an improvement to function of the vehicle. You be the judge, but in order to appreciate the changes, you would have to drive it.

History on 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 (European)

You won’t find but one or two Alfa Romeo 2000 Spiders in the States that is as original in quality and performance as this 2000 Euro is.

This Alfa was manufactured on Christmas Eve 1979 and subsequently sold to a lady in Frankfurt, Germany.  She then brought it to the states (Texas and then California) and it had to pass the emission tests.  It was equipped with an exhaust pump and passed.  The pump has been removed and is available, if needed.  Documentation on the Spider is very complete.  Since arriving in the States, virtually every item purchased and service performed has documentation.  The Euro Spider was repainted in original color.  It found its way to an Alfisti in Motor City.  I purchased the car in July of 2006 and have driven it less than 700miles since.  It now has less than 69,000 documented miles.  However, nearly every Sunday it finds its way on a 5 mile trip.  I know there is other European Spider 2000s in the States, but I have only seen one that is original and was for sale.  This car is unique; you might say the best of all Spiders.  Some of S1, a lot of S2 and a little of S3 all put in one car.  I have a Duetto and a ’71 Spider and both cars handle quite differently.  You can really feel the difference in the response of the 150 H.P.  This Alfa is ORIGINAL, not rebuilt or modified.

New items purchased

• Blaupunkt  Frankfurt Radio of correct vintage (have Kenwood if you want it)
• 5 star Chromadora Wheels (Steel wheels and sombreros go with car)
• New Upholstery, Seats and doors, new seat foam
• All new Red Line fluids
• Floor Mats, Alfa logo
• Chrome Shifter 
• New Tail lights and New Gaskets
• New Door Handles with Gaskets
• New Weather Stripping all around
• New Windshield and Seal
• New Shift boots
• New Lug Nuts
• New Wipers
• Luggage Rack
• Wooden Brake Handle and Shifter
• Wooden Door arm Inserts
• New Wing Window Seals 
• New Wing Window handles
• Lower Oil Pan Guard
• Newer jack and wrench
• New pedals
• New hoses New brake lines
• New ignition coil

Here is the ad listed on ebay and the Alfa Bulletin Board 3 ½ years ago.  
Vehicle Description 
No nicer collectible Series 2 available on e bay! Runs and drives as new. Shifts perfectly in all gears. Great brakes. It has Solex carbs, stainless steel euro bumpers, and 64K original miles, clear headlight covers. Color is Rosso Red (really orange). Top virtually new, paint is perfect. Fully serviced by Trail Auto, Dearborn, Michigan. Previously serviced by Alfa Milano in Los Angeles up until last year. Spent most of its life in California (24+ years) New tires, shocks, rear springs, exhaust, tie rod end, alignment, all fluids fresh, synthetic oil in transmission. No modifications except Kenwood CD radio. No rust. Rare car..... more power than SPICA & less hassles. Very late carb car as they ceased production in late 1981 when the beautiful stainless steel bumpers were also lost. Far more collectible than a US version! Very extensive records. Send an e mail and I'll link you to more photos. Over $15000 invested and meticulously cared for. Needs nothing. Kid going to college forces sale From the Alfa archivist: 
"Dear Sir, Referring to your request we are informing you as follows. According to our documentation files the chassis number AR 2469783 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 manufactured on the 24th December 1979 and sold on the 4th January 1980 to Alfa Romeo from Frankfurt, Germany. The body colour is red with black interiors. The engine originally fitted into this car has the following number AR 0010049. Please be advised that this answer is intended solely for information use and its contents does not certify the authenticity of this car. With kind regards, Automobilismo Storico Archivio Alfa Romeo Elvira Ruocco" 
NOTE: Side marker lights were added when car was imported and are Alfa lights, though not the round originally on the front fenders. Car also comes with new full size spare wheel and 5th fresh tire. Do not have the cover for the top. Have the rear trunk mat/carpet. No cracks in dash 

The Euro 2000 Spider has no engine problems, transmission problems, rear end, brake, steering or clutch problems.  I did reinforce the floor board with POR 15.  This is a remarkable system that prevents rust formation and makes the floor stronger than steel.  Over that is ¾ inch of insulation for sound dampening and heat/cold insulation.  All hoses, thermostats, belts and battery are either new, or like new.  

The dash has no cracks, but does have one very small spot with slight crazing.  All gauges work as they are supposed to.  The carpeting is original, not replaced, but original.  The top is like new canvas and no discoloring of the window.  A new windshield has recently been installed.  The paint is fresh and has only one small “star” in it.  All chrome is bright with no discoloration or dings.  All jack points are intact and function properly.  The wheel well is free of rust.  

12/2/2012……..Just completed reconditioning the engine compartment.  Stripped everything except the block out of the engine bay.

Painted bay with 4 coats of enamel, original color.  
Rebuilt carbs  
New fuel pump*
New Fuel Filter*
Pressure tested radiator
New tune up parts
New coil*
New water pump*
New seals and gaskets
Hood taken off and “star” removed and repainted in original enamel color
Cowling removed and painted with hood

* All these parts work properly and make good spares.

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Here are a few photos, others are in my albums, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of The Alfa Trilogy.

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oh my - beautiful trilogy. If I had the time, money, space...
best of luck with the sale

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Would you sell one only? Looking for a very nice spider. Cant handle buying 3 at one time. It would be divorce city. PM me if interested. Jim

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Sell just one?

Thanks for all the appreciation and comments. Sell just one? I don't think so at this time. I know how exciting it is to make the decision to go for a drive and try to decide which one I should take. I'd like to think that others might like to have to make that decision as well. They are such different machines. Why don't we wait and see how much interest I get between now and the first of the year? I still have to find the SS (Special) I want anyway. Which one would you chose? pm me and we can establish communication directly.

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Will Sell Individual Alfas

I have had several requests to sell the cars individually. I have decided to price two of them individually.

1971 Spider (restored)......$12,750

1979 European 2000 (Original)......$16,000

If you haven't already done so, check out

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For Sale: Alfa Trilogy

Time to kick the tires again. Anyone have a genuine interest? Nearly 70 and these Alfas have given me just about all the fun and excitement I expected. Time to let them go and thrill someone much younger. If more photos are needed, I'm sure they will, just email me at [email protected]

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I wish it did. It was a scammer. When it came down to him paying the money via paypal, he told me he had problems with his shipper. The shipper would not accept paypal and he was at sea and could not send a money gram, so he asked me to do it and to include the cost in the price and invoicing to him via paypal. I've had a similar scam happen in our resort business. A foreigner would send an email and request a week stay, but they had trouble renting a car. The car rental wanted their money up front and we were asked to send a money gram to the car company (in Thailand) and charge their credit card with the cost. Problem is it was a credit card from some guy in Mass.

That was my first eBay listing and "sale". At least I still have my favorite to drive a bit longer.

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Jim - honest it would help if you told us the url for the web site and not just name it. DO we just search for Affa Trilogy on the bb?? Or what?

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You are right. I apologize. Go to the following and you can pick which car you might be interested in. The Duetto was sold recently.

captainjamesasmith - YouTube

Hope this helps

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