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Hi everyone,

I've been looking at this forum for awhile now so I thought I should join to ask some questions. First of all, I'm new to Alfa Romeo's. I just moved to Italy for work and I really want to get an older GT, preferably late 60's. So the questions:

I've been looking on (kind of like craigslist) and There are a lot of nice cars on there, but I can't seem to get anyone to respond about their cars. I've had Italian speakers call (i don't know much Italian) and leave messages and I've sent translated emails. No response. What gives?

Also, any particular details I should pay attention to with theses cars? What areas are really prone to rust, etc.?

I'm looking for something solid mechanically and good looking. It doesn't have to be perfect as I plan to drive this car a lot.


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Italy is a fabulous place, but it can cause you some angst. I lived there for six years and, at times, it drove me honkin' nuts!. I miss it everyday!

In any type of big ticket item negotiation, ALWAYS have an Italian friend work with you. I have rented flats, bought cars and attempted other endeavors fraught with cross-cultural snags. Only Italians think like Italians; even Italian Americans have real difficulty interpreting the signals that are sent.

Italians are relationship oriented, while most Americans are accomplishment oriented. If you've been there for a minute, you know they will get around to it when it suits them. It does not mean that they are not interested in doing it.

I've sat through two-hour business lunches just to "do" the business in the last thirty seconds! Food, then family, football, family, politics, football, family, Formula 1, football, family, the government (always discussed with copious amounts of disgust and cursing!) and more food, blah, blah, blah. Then, when they are ready to leave, they do the deal. Life for them is interrupted by business; it is not determined by it.

Check out five or six Alfas and you'll end up with one you can live with. Plus, you'll make a boatload of memories, make some great new friends and be heartbroken when you fly out on Al Italia because they always play Dean Martin singing, "Arrivederci, Roma".

I suggest you leave Italy, today! It only gets harder to leave the longer you stay. If you're around Roma, have a suppli for me.

Ciao, amico mio

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