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Amaranth color?

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Dear Alfistas, I will appreciate your help. My 1974 2000 GTV was recently resprayed. Before the respray it was Amaranth (I thought) and was resprayed in Amaranth (I am told) - but the color is undoubtedly different !! (The paint shop denies it, but I have evidence in the booth).
The prior color was a dark red with a hint of purple. Now it is a dark red with a hint of brown or maroon. The paint shop showed me the tin which carried the AR 509 code which based on my research is indeed the code for Amaranth. At home I found a small tin that I got from the seller of the car a few years ago which says color code 308 - Amaranth (and indeed contains the old color of my car). Other threads here suggest that 509 and 308 are both codes for the same color. On the internet I think I see examples of GTVs in both those (admittedly similar) color so I tend to think those are indeed different colors.
Can you help me out of this conundrum?
Thanks very much in advance.
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I don't know for sure on the Alfetta 2000 GTV, but the factory color code on the big brother GTV6 is on a sticker plate on the underneath hatch on the other side of the Alfa badge. Over the years, Alfa had many different reds. Never go by name alone to have a vehicle painted. Go by code alone, or code + name/color description. Get a color match, then approve.

You may not have any recourse if what they delivered is what you agreed upon (sight unseen). ...And probably why noone has replied as this is common knowledge.
Thank you Gasolina, very helpful
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