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Since this replacement for the original Alfa installed window lift mechanism came to me already installed and with no installation instructions, I was forced to remove the thing to figure out how it works, and how to modify it so it now works correctly. The problem was that the window lifted too much, forcing out the small rubber tip at the top of the vent window channel. Total excessive lift was almost 1/2 an inch.

There is no lift stop associated with the electric motor on this rig - removed from the lift frame and channel the motor will turn endlessly in either direction the switch controls. There is a down absolute stop built into the lift channel, but the upper lift is stopped only by the curvature of the open sided tube the worm drive operates in. When the lift rider gets to the curve, it cannot follow the curvature so it stops. Unfortunately all the lift channel and worm drive tube is pre-engineered for the Alfa Spider door casement - there is no way to adjust it's up/down position in the door casement. The original Alfa stops were removed and would have been useless in this case because the window glass is completely removed from it's original channel rider and the Alfa stops would been too widely spaced to to stop this rig. (see 3rd photo to see how the glass is now clamped only in the center of the glass by a clamp that is only 4 inches wide)

So my solution was to measure just where in the lift channel I wanted the rider to stop, and then cut a small wooden block on my table saw out of hardwood and clamp it in place long enough to cross drill the channel and block and pass a #6 X 32 bolt through the channel and wooden block to hold it permanently in place.

Happily my calculations were correct and it stopped the first try exactly where I wanted it to. And it only took me 6 hours of solid work to make this 3/8 to 1/2 inch adjustment! Happiness (and anal correctness) comes at it's own price.

A few pictures show the process.

Robert Hill in Memphis, Tn


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