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Am refurbishing the brake master cylinder on the 105 ('71 Euro GTV, standing pedals, dual underfloor MC, all that carry-on). The MC is a Bonaldi 7/8 inch unit, and like a lot of old Italian ones it uses oval hydraulic seals instead of the usual cup seals with a lip that most other MCs seem to use. I've heard form vintage brake specialists etc that these oval seals often don't work as well as normal cup seals, so I wonder if there's any reason not to try cup seals in the Bonaldi MC? Or in the Benditalia spare GTV underfloor MC that I've got, that also uses oval seals.
Has anyone ever tried this, or are there any comments on this idea?

I got the idea from this website: and Ends.
It sounds good!

Thanks all,
Graham Hilder, NZ
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