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Alternative Fuel Research

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Hi All,

I'm looking into the various possibilities to run my 67 GTV on alternative fuels...thought I'd share with the BB.

Propane was my first choice but I found no support from popular kit suppliers...see

GNG is way too expensive due to the high pressure tank...see I spoke with a very experienced engineer who said it was possible but not practical.

Ethanol or E-85 looks promising if I can find fuel locally. Here's an old but very DIY article on how to convert a carbureted 69 Dodge Dart.
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There was a partial propane kit on eBay a month or so ago. It had hoses and regulators if I remember right, but no tank.
I have considered alternate fuels as well. From what I've seen, Propane would be my first choice. For one thing, it's exceptionally clean for the engine, and provides good power.

E85 might have some compression requirements.

And then of course, the light bodied alfa might also be an Electric Vehicle candidate if you had a blown engine.
Yeah propane is the most desirable can use fork lift tanks that are totally safe, cheap and is the fuel. I just don't have the spare time to sort out my own kit...and the experts at technocarb say I'm looking at $3-4 grand to do it right.

Anybody know an expert in the LA area in propane conversions?

BTW - Ethanol looks the easiest and cheapest to do...that's why I'm focusing on it. A few requirements I've discovered:

  • 40% richer fuel to air mixture (install bigger jets)
  • Adjusted ignition timing to around 20 degrees BTDC (rotate the distributer)
  • Ideal compression is 17:1 but it will run at 9:1 (install high comp pistons and/or supercharging).
  • Alcohol proof the fuel system (lines are easy...aluminum carbs and steel tank might be a problem, so I need to investigate the chemistry of both).

Any insights on the above would be appriciated. Any chemists out there... please chime in?

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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