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alpha 166 sat nav

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alfa 166 sat nav

hi guys, i`m new here just got a 2002 166 t.spark and i`m wondering about the onboard sat nav, according to the seller, i need to buy a cd-rom for it. Question is, i`m not actually convinced it has a sat nav built in. How do i find out before i fork out €140 for a sat nav cd from navteq? and secondly is there anywhere else these cds can be bought cheaper? even download? (dare i say).
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jaysus barry your a great help! sorry ALFA SAT NAV OK!
i was in a hurry, i type too fast, i know its an alfa forgive me.
The CDs for the ConnectNAV satellite navigation should come with the car! If the seller doesn't have them, they have been lost somewhere along the line.

Are you telling us you actually get lost in Waterford??? that's very strange, if you ask me. All you have to do is drive down hill and you'll end up at the river. Then you'll know where you are. :D

See, no need for that lost CD.

If your car has GPS navigation there will be a CD reader in the trunk, left side above the battery, and yes it is suposed to hold a CD. There are various CD's for various parts of Europe and such.

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