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Well, we used daughter's 164 to go help celebrate her Grandfather's 87th birthday with a annual brunch event up at a picnic ground along the Sky Line Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway with his Front Royal, VA towny friends.

Quik Silver performed flawlessly up and back. We drove some super Virginia Byways and highways.

If you guys get a chance to run VA 231, 211 or 522 west of Richmond and above I-64 check them out. Our mistake was leaving those byways for about 20 miles of Interstate trying to go below Richmond to get back to US-460 after taking VA 288 (great new bypass) around west side of Richmond. Another story best left untold.

Quik Silver at 151K holds his vital fluids better than my Originale. He as my daughter has gendered the car used no oil and even made coolant level rise in the mountains but held steady temp below 212F at higher altitude. The 2-3 manual shifting and 3-2 slap shifting keep the RPMs steady during the hill climbing and descending.

Overall, we drove some great Alfa roads many of which in our last 15 or so years of doing wine tours we have driven before and hope to do again. Some of them you just can't straighten out no matter how hard your try.

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Nice steve! I always like taking my alfa on a good road on a great sunny day! Last trip I took was to my mom's beach house near Mendicino county, very nice drive. Got home with a big grin on my face, especially when the yuppies in their BMW's were pulling over to let me pass!
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