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I dont know why but tracking what the "fleet" drinks is something of interest to me. In this pic are the consumption charts from the owners guides of the 164 and the 75. These charts are generally very very accurate irrespective of the manufacturer.

I've been messing with the carburetors on the 75 to fine tune them as it were. I've been sorting them to improve the off idle response and even them across the engine. I've had some success as the car drives a dream and is very responsive to throttle changes. The Frosty machine @ Wendy's makes more power but this thing is a hoot. Something about fast cars slow vs. slow cars fast. My co2 levels are down according to a friends equipment. Plugs an ash grey color even across the 4. I'm not sure why I'm fooling with this as in spring I'm rebuilding them both. I guess I just like to tinker. Anyway the 75 is geared very differently than Rossa and spins higher at speed than Rossa. The car begs to be driven a certain way vs. Rossa which is more laid back. The 75 begs to be hammered. I've been tracking the "around the area" consumption and am spot on at 21 mpg. A bit better than the book rating the car at 19.9. This car wont/hasn't seen much in the way of freeway use so I am unable to gauge it at this point. You can see the final gearing difference in the first line under "Prestazione". The 75 is good for about 30kph per 1K of engine rev and Rossa about 36kph per 1000. Redline is the same. IIRC the 75 is 4:11 final and Rossa, I have no idea. Rossa is good for over 210 kph vs. 180 kph on the 75 - 130ish vs. 112ish in miles per hour.

This is weird as the car is lighter than Rossa and the engine is smaller however, the mileage is worse than what I get from Rossa. Coupled with a 50 vs. 75 litre tank the mentalness of it is interesting to me.

Oh well, just Chris rambling. Hope everyones "black Friday" is a shade of whatever you wish it to be. ciao, jc


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