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Translation from babelfish
Volkswagen wants to sell SEAT to FIAT
In the absolute secret, the people in charge of AUDI, commanded by Martin Winterkorn, estimate to the Italians. Before retiring, Ferdinard Piëch has insisted on fitting accounts with Spain. To the Council of Monitoring of VW, the ERE of SEAT seems to him insufficient. While, the renewed president, Bernd Pischetsrieder, already have given the approval to the substitution of SEAT by SKODA like manufacturer of tourism of the Group: the German multinational insists on its system to debilitate to SEAT at the cost of investing in the mark, which sentences to him to the permanent agony of the red numbers The past month of January, the maximum person in charge of AUDI (sub-group of the Volkswagen multinational in that Integra the Spanish company/signature empelados SEAT and their 14,000) declared to the specialized magazine Automobilwoche that entered within its plans neither the sale nor the closing of SEAT: "we will not sell it" assured, to the time that rejected the option of the closing like absurd: "To close a mark as this one would not have sense from the economic point of view". That yes, its explanations about the alternatives to a company to which it was forced (we spoke of January of the present year) to a file of group regulation that would affect 1,400 employees, the 10 percent of the group, total, in spite of the subventions received by the Spanish Government and from the accumulated fiscal credit, they were much more vague: "We will present what we will do with SEAT when we have all the details. We are working in diverse plans so that SEAT is successful in the future ". Nevertheless, when the journalist inquired of what plans she spoke, Winterkorn returned to remember the old fable of a SEAT turned center of design or constructor of sport: "the strategy of which SEAT constructs sport vehicles is definitively correct". The only problem is that of the 14,000 employees of the factory of Martorell (calculates that that supposes more than 3,000 indirect uses in the auxiliary industry) it would be enough whereupon remained 500, maximum 1,000, after a reconversion of this openwork. In any case, of January to May the things have changed much. Now Winterkorn negotiates with the Italians of FIAT that remains with SEAT. The Germanic multinational already knows clearly that his manufacturer of tourism is the Skoda Czech, where the wages are inferior to the Spaniards and the quality of very similar manufacture. But as the method to reduce SEAT to manufacturer of sport cars or center of design is very slow, and it causes confrontations with the Spanish Government, the best thing is to decide on the sale. This way, nobody will be able to throw to him in face to VW that have profited with the subventions of the Spanish Government and the independent communities of Catalonia and Navarre (another great problem) Thus, also, the president of VW, Bernd Pischetsrieder, will be able to say that he did not lie when he promised to the minister of Industry, Jose Montilla, who would not close SEAT. He does not close it: he sells it. However, the true enemy of SEAT is not the president of the Committee of Direction, but Ferdinand Piëch, who representing to the first deprived shareholder of VW. Its antagonism towards SEAT towards Spain comes from the times of Lopez de Arriortúa, the man whom, according to the feeling of Piëch, it placed to him in the precipice when facing to him the North Americans of General Motors. Finally, Pischetsrieder has been able to get rid of Piëch, that has fixed date of retirement, but this one is arranged to die killing. Killing SEAT, without going more far. In the meantime, the German multinational continues without investing in mark SEAT, specially continues without opening markets to him. That means that the Catalan factory is the condemned to continue in number red and to confront a slow agony that offers to Volkswagen the best argument to continue tightening the nuts. It is clear that the fastest way to get rid of the "problem" is to sell it to it to the Italian factory FIAT, indeed, the mark with which SEAT was bound historically. While, the Government Zapatero neither knows nor answers.

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Spain is a huge car market with about 1.500.000 car sales each year and tradionally each Grpoup obtains Seat is in top of European sales.VW does not want Seat cause it has Scoda to play the same role.In 1948 spanish geverment and Fiat established Seat and one and a half year later (1950) the first Seat 1400 was introduced.Fiat left Seat in 1980 cause of Ronda and Marbella.

Nowadays Fiat Group has the less percentage debt among all the European manufactors with production over 1.000.000 cars each year…also it is the most profitable Group for the first semester of 2006.VW is deep in debt (bad sales in US and lots of wasteful models) and thanks to good sales of Touareg is for now safe from a bankruptcy….for example… Phaeton/bugatti veyron (it costs in VW more than lupo/arosa)/A2/…the exclusive factory for the construction of alouminum chassis in inolstadt looses money cause cannot be profitable with only 15.000 A8 and 2000 chassis for Gallardo/Lot of money were spend in 3L/Golf Plus/Golf 5 less sales than the previous generation/Touran after sales of the first semester in away from its competitors sales/Toledo- lupo/arosa flopped.Only new Passat, lamborghini & bentley brings profit to Vag.All this situation gave Porsche’s the chance to buy 19% of Vag and become its basal shareholder.Gm is also in worst position.Like Marchionne said Fiat Group is missing an economy brand and that is the role seat will have. C segment models of Seat are new so they will not be replaced (compact platform could be used in 2 versions with 2.6m and 2.7m wheelbase).Seat’s takeover from Fiat depends from VW’s proposal and what Spain Government will offer in Fiat as a trade off.

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April 06

VW Group 19,9 18,8 239.370 245.078 -2,3
VOLKSWAGEN 11,0 9,7 132.028 126.603 +4,3
AUDI 4,3 4,6 51.519 59.948 -14,1
SEAT 2,6 2,5 30.811 32.021 -3,8
SKODA 2,1 2,0 24.735 26.126 -5,3

PSA Group 13,4 13,7 160.548 178.254 -9,9
PEUGEOT 7,2 7,4 86.881 96.693 -10,1
CITROEN 6,1 6,3 73.667 81.561 -9,7

FORD Group 9,9 10,4 118.521 134.875 -12,1
FORD 7,5 7,9 90.501 102.630 -11,8
VOLVO 1,6 1,8 19.582 23.254 -15,8
LAND ROVER 0,5 0,4 5.417 5.380 +0,7
JAGUAR 0,3 0,3 3.021 3.611 -16,3

GM Group 10,3 10,7 123.713 139.157 -11,1
OPEL/VAUXHALL 8,6 9,2 103.662 119.496 -13,3
CHEVROLET 1,0 0,9 12.598 12.321 +2,2
SAAB 0,6 0,5 6.990 6.889 +1,5
GM (US) 0,0 0,0 463 451 +2,7

RENAULT Group 9,9 10,5 119.633 137.256 -12,8
RENAULT 9,7 10,5 116.545 137.155 -15,0
DACIA 0,3 0,0 3.088 101 +2957,4

FIAT Group 7,8 6,4 93.830 83.677 +12,1
FIAT 6,0 4,7 71.798 61.188 +17,3
LANCIA 0,8 0,8 9.341 10.591 -11,8
ALFA ROMEO 1,0 0,9 12.401 11.302 +9,7

DaimlerChrysler 6,3 6,5 75.422 84.454 -10,7
MERCEDES 4,8 4,9 57.800 64.243 -10,0
SMART 0,8 1,0 9.380 12.625 -25,7
CHRYSLER 0,7 0,6 8.242 7.586 +8,6

TOYOTA Group 5,6 5,2 67.600 67.640 -0,1
TOYOTA 5,4 5,1 64.589 65.785 -1,8
LEXUS 0,3 0,1 3.011 1.855 +62,3

BMW Group 5,1 5,3 61.471 68.339 -10,0
BMW 4,3 4,3 51.914 56.579 -8,2
MINI 0,8 0,9 9.557 11.760 -18,7

NISSAN 2,2 2,5 26.082 32.739 -20,3

HYUNDAI 2,0 2,1 23.491 27.952 -16,0

MAZDA 1,5 1,4 18.616 18.214 +2,2

HONDA 1,7 1,5 20.367 18.976 +7,3

KIA 1,5 1,4 17.958 17.761 +1,1

SUZUKI 1,3 1,1 16.130 14.464 +11,5

MITSUBISHI 0,7 0,9 7.956 11.087 -28,2

MG ROVER Group 0,1 0,2 670 2.528 -73,5


Total Market 185.244/-6.3%
Fiat 1st/43.435/23.4% share/+8.2%
Alfa 12th/6.051/3.3%/+21%
Lancia 8th/7.927/4.3%/-9%
Group 57.502/31%/+6.5%


Total Market 219.013/-6.3% (including LCVs)
Fiat 6942/3.17% share/-1.1%
Alfa 1435/0.65%/+7.3
Lancia 287/0.13%/-41.8%


Total Market 284.873/-8.9%
Fiat 8556/3.0% share/+30.3%
Alfa 1240/0.4%/+9.3%
Lancia 138/0%/-52.4%
Group 10070/3.53%/+23.9%


Total Market 51.147/+6.48%
Fiat +13.64%
Alfa +31.26%
Lancia +8.71%


Total Market 131029/-8.7%
Fiat 2962/2.3% share/+6.8%
Alfa 818/0.6%/-20.7%
Lancia 303/0.2%/-13.2%
Group 4096/3.1%/-1.8%


Total Market 36.842/-10.1%
Fiat 1202/3.3% share/+24%
Alfa 289/0.8%/+9.1%
Lancia 44/0.1%/-20%
Group 1541/4.2%/+19.1


Total Market 17181/+2.7%
Fiat 638/3.7% share/+22.9%
Alfa 80/0.5%/0%
Lancia 50/0.3%/-38.3%
Group 770/4.5%/+12.9%


Total Market 163216/-9.1%
Fiat 4644/2.85% share/+87.3%


Total Market -6.3%
Fiat +8.19%
Alfa +20.97%

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Alfa Romeo

-"B seg. 3d Coupe" under construction
-"C seg. 5d Coupe"-149 end of 2007
-New Gt coupe 2008/2009
-159/159 Sportwagon (Crosswagon version underconstruction)
-8C Competizione/8C Spider 2007
-"E 4d Coupe"-169(4.9m+) 2008
-Crossover-Κamal 2009

End of 2007 return in USA
Gt races with 8c competizione
LeMans (?)


-New Ypsilon 2009
-Νew Musa 2010
-Delta end of 2007
-Thema (2008)
-Phedra 2009/2010
-Fulvia 2007/2008

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The Madrid International Motor Show, from 25 May to 4 June, is set to see the debut of the new Ducato, taking over from its immensely successful forerunner of twenty five years’ standing, an internationally acclaimed model which has sold over 1.7 million vehicles since 1981. So now it is up to the new Ducato to take up this legacy and confirm its position at the top of the category.

The Motor Show represents a prestigious occasion for this launch, and the Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles Division has also come up with a unique show-van for the event: the Ducato “Truckster”.

Created by the Fiat Style Centre with the collaboration of Bosch SpA, Behr GmbH, SEWS CABIND SpA (Sumitomo Group) and Denso Thermal System SpA, this original concept vehicle is generously proportioned: 6.48 metres long, 2.55 m high and 2.49 metres wide. The style is modern and “exuberant”, thanks to a design which accentuates the concept of sporting performance applied to a commercial vehicle, with features like 28 inch wheels, LED headlights, hydraulically-controlled gullwing doors, smoked glass windows and an aerodynamic spoiler. The interiors have also been given the same sporty feel, emphasising its “road racer” personality.

With its sense of power and sportiness, the Ducato Truckster takes the style hallmarks of the new Ducato to extremes. Like the Ducato it is also a modular vehicle with a huge range of possible uses: purely as a show car, or as an “Adventure” vehicle for transporting race cars or motorbikes, or even as a runway for fashion shows. This capacity for transformation has always been a key feature of the Ducato: take the camper van version, for instance, leader in its field (two out of three campers are fitted onto a Ducato base), all thanks to the technical characteristics of a vehicle designed for body fitters.

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May 06

Fiat +63,96%
Alfa Romeo +68,57%
Lancia +52,35%

Fiat +10.4%
Alfa Romeo +9,4%
Lancia -3,3%

(market -3.3%)
Fiat Group +10,4%
Fiat +15,1%

Alfa Romeo +32,1%
Fiat +45%
Lancia -14,3%
Fiat Group +39,3%

Fiat +26,6%
Alfa Romeo +30,5%
Lancia +16,8%
Fiat Group +26,9%

Alfa Romeo +29%
Fiat +107,1%

Fiat +14,5%
Alfa Romeo +33,8%
Lancia +58,6%
Fiat Group +20,1%

Fiat Group
Italy: +65.3% (market +49.5%)
ND: +39.3% (market +11.4%)
BE: +26.9% (market +22.7%)
FL: +26.0% (market -1.1%)
Portugal: +20.1% (market -6.3%)
Spain: +9.0% (market +1.7%)
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