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Alfisti Videos 33tt, restorations etc.

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Hi everyone, since I'm about to move to FT. Lauderdale I thought to show some videos of Alfa Restorations I've done in my youtube channel (thetagzen on youtube) please take a look I'm sure you'll find it interesting being there are some videos of Alfa 33tt's we worked on at nastasi racing, think we may have done some work to the #18 featured on this issue of the alfa BB as well... post at leisure link as you like it's just work info to me but some of you may find it very interesting. Thanks everyone and specially, thanks to the NYC area Alfisti for all the amazing times.

Tahi Zedraz

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I am in serious Awe,,

That is beautiful work,, a shop with those cars, that level of quality,,

That's kinda surreal, it is so cool. Oh, to just get to wander around and stare,, and maybe, to sit in one,,..
LOL I had many a lunch sitting in the cars... it was a running joke I think, besides Nastasi is a smart arse. Hope you have time to look at the other videos there is a nice one of an alfa TZ and a few more... like the 59 Giulia and the 58 Giulia race car, also just uploaded a good e30 vid... anyhow hope someone can make use of them and enjoy, they are all in the channel... seems someone posted the link up there to one video, I don't know how to do that but if anyone can, that'd be great! Thanks and very happy to share the insanity for these cars.

Got a list of your cars? could use a project... step nose maybe? Looking to open a shop soon as I get my bearings in FLA.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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