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Alfisti from three regions of southern Ohio and Kentucky will gather the afternoon of Sunday, October 11, at a picturesque Bluegrass farm just outside Lexington for what has become a traditional fall event. Sycamore Lake farm, the site of our gathering, is a parcel of land within a larger farm that features a newly expanded guest facility with a view of the lake and fields. Rain?? No problem-- whether we have fair weather or foul, this spacious, attractive guest house can accommodate us out on the large deck or inside reception hall. It is located on Elkchester Road, off KY 1681 (the Old Frankfort Pike) between Frankfort and Lexington, Kentucky.

After our meal, George Schweikle and Enrique Zuniga will update everyone on the status of the 2011 AROC Convention planning. It’s an exciting time, folks, since we'll be hosting the national convention here in central Kentucky, close to the new Bluegrass Motorsports track and then linking up with the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance. We’re at the stage in the planning where the details are being sorted out (we’re well ahead of schedule), and your ideas and creativity will be key to our collective success!

Our fellow Alfisti are asked to bring a side dish potluck-style. Shish-ka-bobs off the grill will be the main fare along with a meatless Italian main dish (furnished by an expert local cook!). Knowing the culinary talent lurking within our Alfisti kitchens, the meal will be fantastic! Then there’s the drive. Due to local construction on the road from Lexington which accesses the farm, arriving traffic will be routed through some of our prettiest horse farm country in Scott, Woodford and Fayette County. Whether you are arriving from the west (Louisville), or from the north (Cincinnati area), your route will be relaxing, scenic and enjoyable. There are stretches of the Old Frankfort Pike which have changed very little since the days of Daniel Boone! I’ve had deer leap across the road in front of me on one particularly pretty part, overhung by huge shade trees and lined with nineteenth century stone fences.

We graciously invite you to be with us on Sunday, October 11, beginning at 1:00 pm, at Sycamore Lake farm. Attached is a map with directions, arriving from various points. Travel time from Cincinnati is estimated to be about two hours, depending on point of departure. And from Louisville, about an hour and a half. All Alfisti are invited, regardless of your chapter, or ride!


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