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Alfettas in junkyards - rustiest Alfa EVAH!

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If anybody needs any Alfetta parts, there are three currently in the Portland pick-n-pull.

Unfortunately they're all pretty rough. What isn't rusty is moldy. I mostly needed an Oil separator, but all were pretty rusty. I only had a few tools and couldn't get the clamp loose as it was badly rusted.

Two had engines, at least one had a decent set of front seats (from what I could tell, they were covered with ratty sheepskins).

This was the worst of the three:

One sedan, two coupes. One said "GTV" on the rear quarters.

I can't decide if I want to go back. All I really need is an OSV, and I could use some door seals. I might just grab some SPICA parts to have extras for the stash.

Are SPICA pumps worth anything as cores these days?
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poor thing must have been sitting under an acidic tree for years to get that kind of rot on a flat panel!
I think that is called "heavy patina" :)
You should grab the "GTV" vent panels - there is always a demand for those.
Definitely keep the Spica stuff too, if you can get it off.

What year/body sedan?
I didn't catch that, but if I can find time to go back this weekend I'll check all for VIN's and years.

Is there something you need for a sedan that's nice and moldy? :)

I'm forever on the hunt for black vinyl front door cards for a series 1 sedan. Even if not in great condition, I could maybe use them as a basis for remaking new ones. Thanks :)
I'll check, but they were likely to be Moldy. Series 1 = 75 or 76? Got a photo?
Series 1 is '72 - '77, the best interior photo I have at the moment is this one, ignore the seats they are from a coupe. Exterior wise - the easiest way to identify series one are if it has windwings or not - if it does, it's a series 1. Thanks.


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I'll check, don't hold your breath. I can't image they'd be in better shape than yours, minus the speakers. Personally I'd put speakers back or have some new ones made up.

The rest of your interior is sweet. I've considered using Alfetta coupe seats in the Berlina, I love how they look. I already have 3 stock Berlina seats in the garage! LOL!
Yeah, it's a long shot I know...

The coupe seats are just a temporary fix until I can redo the original seats. They're not so great for rear passengers, they take up a lot more room with their concave seat-backs. For the time being, they do the trick (though they're quite a bit lower then original - good thing for the driver's seat height adjustment lever). Front passengers complain the seat is too low - sucks to be them!
A friend of mine recently acquired a very good Alfetta shell for historic racing. He was also offered another shell for parts from the vendor. ( enclosed image). I went around to get some parts and guess what ???

Turns out this was the first brand new Alfa i ever owned , a 1980 Piper Yellow Alfetta GTV that cost $14500 AUD.

Sad to see what a bit of "outdoor storage" rust & neglect can do to your pride & joy.


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Wow, that would be quite a shock. Lucky for me I've never owned a new car, but I'd hate to see how some of my old cars ended up.

sfalfa, the driver's door panel was split in half. you literally touched it and it crumbled.

passenger was better but had a big hole in it from the speakers.

amazingly the seats look great! no rips/tears that i could see (still partially covered by sheepskins). it's a series 1.

i grabbed the shift knob, 2 door seals and the vent wing knobs which were in good shape. most everything else save the seats was in poor shape.
Sure that car had not been dragged out of the ocean? I've seen less rust on old ships and I've seen a few over the years.
Thanks for checking on that Arch.
Just sent PM.

Any chance of having you grab the GTV vents for me?


Hi Rob,

I did grab the vents. I'll post a few pics and try to figure out what they're worth.

This is the most depressing thread I've ever read. I guess its performing a service, but it makes me sick to see the cars like this....
the front bumper on the yellow gt litteraly fell off ...the bolts hadnt failed the frame did

the sedan actualy had what looked like new perfect carpet..actualy that sedan was fairly solid except for the windshield surround..the tail lights even looked new u8nder the slimy moss

as for the 2 coupes....the tail lights didnt put up much of a fight and pretty well fell out for me

i grabbed a few shots with my phone ill have to toss up..looks like my phone ate em..GROWL...if you headed over to the other side of the yard you would have seen the RR yes a rolls silver spur+

all 3 cars were pretty well complete sitting up in the air with even there wheels still bolted on..bumper to bumper engine to transaxle..except the stuff that fell off LOL..certainly the worst rust ive ever seen on an alfa atleast
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