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alfettas for sale

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For those of you who have free time on your hands, I was checking out online listings and found a few interesting cars for sale...

First a pale-blue <a href="">early Alfetta sedan</a> in Austin that looks like it's been sitting for a while. I love the design details on the earlier cars... hooded headlights, weird tail lights, steelies.

A <a href="">red coupe</a> in San Diego like mine (but '78) with new paint but minor rust... but $4500? Maybe it's better looking than I can tell from the 2 pictures.

Finally, a gorgeous dark blue <a href="">'78 coupe</a> with euro-bumpers and the more unusual turbina-style wheels for the same price in Seattle. Never seen a coupe in this color, I'd have this over my red one in a New York minute. Too bad my car is, um, value-deprived and could not fund the purchase of this one.

I have nothing to do with these, as usual, just wanted to share...
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The sedan listing is hilarious...thanks for sharing.
The blue coupe actually has steelies on it, they're just not rusted. Turbinas are not unusual for Alfettas, I've tossed out 2 sets myself, as all three of my sedans came to me with them, and I remember APE telling me they were going to do the same, they had stacks of them!

The sedan is next to a couple of recycling boxes.

I'd get it if I weren't so freakin far away...
The blue car in Seattle does not have steelies on it. Look closely. They are Turbinas.
Sorry, but I beg to differ. :)

First Pic: The blue Alfetta in the ad.
Second pic: White Alfetta with Turbinas
Third pic: Another blue (1977) Alfetta with similiar steelies.


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Blue Alfetta in Seattle

I went and looked & drove this car the other day.

Pluses are that it has Euro bumpers and a rather descent interior. Also very little evident rust...front and rear windows done with GTV6 black gaskets instead of Alfetta chrome. Rear hatch will need a respray...handpainted it appears..very rough. also no hatch strut - no biggie.

Car has been fitted with a GoTech system so no further worries about SPICA and Wes Ingram's health/longevity. While the car seems to run OK, I'd say the GoTech still might benefit from a little more mapping....I did not drive the car hard under load at high speads...just 1-2-3rd around a residential neighborhood.

The car was wearing Turbinas, not steel wheels...rubber tread looked fairly new but size & make of tires escapes me...I think 195's ....looked bigger than the old standard 185's.

Seats and carpet in great shape....some faint stains on the headliner but no rips or tears....beautiful "small" wood Nardi....smallest diameter Nardi I've come across and fit and looked great on the car. Nice mahogany shift knob. Speedo and Tach nonfunctional....was told that T/A had been rebuilt, and it appears that one) speedo hasn't been properly connected & 2nd) final work to integrate the Tach with the new GoTech system hadn't been completed.

Not certain as to what if any suspension mods might be living under the car. It seems to have retained the Alfetta front ride height - high (huge gap in front wheel wells) so I doubt there are GTV6 or aftermarket torsion bars installed as I'm sure the height would have been adjusted as part of the process. I didn't feel any shakes, rattles, or mishandling on my brief jaunt around the neighborhood. Brakes appear to work OK - no pulls one way or the other, no squeaks. Parking brake does hold the car on an incline.

Some minuses include a bit of a cold start issue - need to keep the manual throttle employed till car warms up - cold start obviously not sorted w/Go-Tech. There's a crack in the Cam cover and a bit of oil weeps when the engine is running. I was also told there is a bit of a oil leak as the car does leave a small signature in the driveway. I didn't investigate at all so I do not know the source nor the rate.

The engine does rev freely...I didn't notice any undue blue smoke out the rear and the radiator fluid looked clean. There is a set of aftermarket headers on the car and a nice Ansa type twin tail pipe in the rear. I did not discern any bad vibrations in the drivetrain during my brief, and not too fast ride around the neighborhood...Looking underneath the rockers look to be in pretty good shape, no major rust noticed on the underside, in the door jams, or along the underneath of the doors. Additionally the channels around the hatch, and the interior of the hatch lid itself appears rust free. I didn't pull the carpet up to inspect the spare well well nor did I take an inspection in and around the front suspension areas. The two front air dams are not there. I did not test electrical as far as lights or turnsignals and such....

If I didn't have so many projects that I really need to get addressed/finished up I might have actually made a bid on this car. It doesn't seem all that far from being properly sorted.

Owner said he was partner in this car and that all paperwork of recent work and mods was with the other guy, and that he was getting that paperwork for any further enquiries.

My two lira...your mileage may vary.
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Seattle Blue Alfetta GTV

Greetings: I had the pleasure of buying the Alfetta on eBay. It is now at Group2 having a few details sorted out. Had I seen your post pre-purchace, I would have been even more interested. Only unnerving item is that the heater core had been bypassed, and a previous owner told Group2 it had been leaking... I need to get it back to the east coast, but driving it without a heater does not seem an option for a few months yet. I will probably have it shipped, but the wife and I are still angling for a cross-country jaunt if we arrange it.
if you dont....and are looking for cheep trasport..try "moose on the loose"..cheep freindly SMALL a bonus there based here on the west coast
Cintos, congrats! Overall it looks like a really nice car. if you haven't tried already, maybe Alfa Parts Exchange (APEDIRECT.COM) has one they could send up to Group2 to install. If it's a non-a/c car it shouldn't be too hard.
Cintos, congrats! Overall it looks like a really nice car. if you haven't tried already, maybe Alfa Parts Exchange (APEDIRECT.COM) has one they could send up to Group2 to install. If it's a non-a/c car it shouldn't be too hard.
The last time I called those guys I got a lecture on the future value of Alfettas from Senior. The long and the short of it is, they crush Alfettas, they don't part them out.
A case of would'a, could'a, should'a for me. This car was local to me....and I really liked the bumpers and condition. The tan interior was in good shape, although I'd convert it to black. That blue is my favorite Alfetta color.....

Mine is the same blue, and I have a set of gold CD-50s on mine currently, so I could have just swapped those over. Sad the car is leaving the west coast, but hopefully it'll have a loving life in CT.

Good purchase man, and for a steal of $2500 (if you paid that..)
Greetings: Thanks for all the helpful input. I do consider the purchase price a great deal (I have gotten numerous other good deals through eBay: 1967 Duetto, 2600 Sprint and a FS 91 Spider ). All of my Alfas have been classic in-line DOHC with the five speed up front. Now I have a chance to try out the transaxle without entering the V realm.
The last time I called those guys I got a lecture on the future value of Alfettas from Senior. The long and the short of it is, they crush Alfettas, they don't part them out.
OMG - tell me about it...:rolleyes: I won't deal with him anymore - best to ask for Jr. if you need something for an Alfetta.
Hey Brian…..Told ya you should have bought it….. :)
Why yes, you did. :)
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