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Alfetta won't start-fuel pump basics

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I was out driving my 77 alfetta and all was well until I pulled over to take a phone call and then after sitting for about a half hour, she wouldn't start. So it's a spica car and always starts but now it's doing a couple of noteworthy things:
1) fuel pressure light comes on but does not go off
2) can't hear fuel pump run ning with ignition but it's noisy here so not sure if it is or not.
3) no fuel coming out of filter hose beside engine
4) car will start but runs as if on 1 cylinder and them dies-all the time fuel pressure light stays on
5) fuel gauge says an eighth of a tank but could be inaccurate

If out of gas, does fuel pump continue to run?

And where exactly is the pump on this car? In front of left rear wheel? And just one pump, correct?

What fuses, relays,etc.might cause the pump not to work?

Any help appreciated
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Ok, definitely no sound from the fuel pump. Are the alfetta pumps unique or can I replace with a similar bosch?
First thing I'd check is fuse #8 followed by the inertia switch in the engine bay.
First thing I'd check is fuse #8 followed by the inertia switch in the engine bay.
Ah, papa, you know your writing! I just located my writing schematics and it's a direct link from the pump to the #8 fuse to the inertia switch. I'll check all that tomorrow but if it comes to needing a new fuel pump, do you know if there are alternatives. It seems the alfa pumps are hard to find and expensive--hoping there is a pump which will work that I can find at the pick a part, which means a bosch pump used on jetronic from the 80's. Might have to get creative and throw on an old BMW pump. What regulates the pressure on the alfa? Is it similar to bosch where the pump provides a higher pressure than needed and then something regulates it or does the pump provide the working pressure?
Two bits says its the "rollover" switch

Takes one second to see if the top piece has popped up on the can like structure on the firewall passenger side near the top. If it is up the power to the pump is cut off. Just poke it down. If it is down, pull it up and poke it down and leave it down. First time is happens it is frustrating and mysterious. You may have hit a bump on the side of the road in some hole or something when you stopped to talk on the phone. But thank you for getting off the road to take the call.
What regulates the pressure on the alfa?
The 77s originally had the pressure relief valve (or bypass valve) within the 3 port fuelpump (the 3rd port being the return to the fuel tank). Earlier cars have the bypass valve in the main fuel filter assembly located in the engine bay.
My understanding is that the 3 port pumps, if one can be found, are quite pricey. So a 2 port pump is an option.
If it turns out that you do need a pump, first look to see if you have 3 port or 2 port pump. If a 3 port, and you want to change to a 2 port, then a main fuel filter assembly from an earlier car will be required (along with a minor modification to the fuel outlet fitting on the Spica injection pump). If the car already has a 2 port pump, it should be a straight on swap.
I have an extra 3 port pump if you need it.
Thanks guys for the help. I was a bit panicked because the car isn't registered yet and I had to leave it overnight.....yikes, but got lucky twice as it was only corrosion on the #8 fuse.
Ah, the joys of alfetta ownership

Headlamp Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper

Underneath the hollywood sign,
My alfetta took a break,
Caring not that she's not supposed to be on the streets,
And making me worry all night...

Oh, well, just a corroded #8 fuse,
So I really can't complain,
Since after a little scraping and a new shiny fuse, we were back on our way, revving through the streets of LA like only an alfa can do.
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