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A kind soul has lent me the parts necessary to make reproductions in Fibreglass.
As most know, ( GTA airboxes, 102 airboxes, Montreal battery boxes and Spica belt cover)
we are quite adept at making the parts in high quality and perfectly fitting.
Please note, the two round caps will not be included, as I suppose they are in interested parties possession.

The issue, is that this project is quite intensive as the parts I have been lent need to be repaired where
needed, and then two (2) moulds have to be pulled.

As having been there and done that, I need serious commitments from interested parties, or I will not proceed.
Cost? I do not know yet until we start production, but as most of our clients will attest, reasonable and fair.

As far as I am aware, there are many cars requiring this part and none are available, and if they are, know.
Questions? Please advise.

Regards, Alberto

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