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one slightly stripped alfetta (1976).

engine gone and all spica.

tranny still there as well as supension, 3 turbinas with hardly used pirelli P6's!

also windshield which is already removed. dash is removed and in back seat but no wiring. seats are black and ripped but otherwise seem decent enough if re-upholstered. Center ANSA which has been chopped but might be good for just the muffler. rear konis (i think--they are orange but couldn't quite see if they were in fact konis--fronts are OEM).

happy hunting.

oh, yeaH, it's at the pick a part on telfair ave in sunland, (north LA SF valley)

it's in the very last row in the furthest corner from the entrance.

seen on 4/23/11


get some barely used P6's!

BobCor--old times....
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