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Alfetta Sedan gr.4 "gtam" flares

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hello everybody

im currently in the process of modifying my lovely alfetta 1.8 sedan, into a gr.4 replica.
anyone knows where to get them? the rear ones i think they maybe the same ones as in the 2door alfetta gr.4 but the front ones are my problem. someone got a source?
this car is taking a ts engine with gtam replica head.

thank you
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You mean a group 2 car. If I had the money I would cut the guards tomorrow.


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I have a set and they are not the same as the Gr. 2 Alfetta GT's. Different body profiles
Alfetta group 2

Can you elaborate on the flares you have. What are they? Where did you get them? Are they to suit an alfetta 1.8? Any pics?
monzeglio...please share photos of your car in the build process.

Alfettaparts....I am not sure but I seem to remember seeing that Gr 2 alfetta which you posted photos of still campaigning in Holland.

There was also a rally version of the Alfetta which seems very nice too


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Try Romeo Racing or Turbo Motor, both in Italy.
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