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Two "tan" front seats pulled off a GTV6. They look like they may have been re-covered in the past - the color of the seats didn't match the back seat, which was original fabric. Fabric is torn badly, but the foam seems OK. The headrests & necks are in good shape and raise/lower. Biggest problem is that all the hardware is rusted. The up/down lever thing works, but is very hard to operate. Same with the recline and slide forward. Lots of rust, but they can be fixed. Please note: there are no lower seat rails! I'm keeping them in case I need them for aftermarket seats fabrication. The top part of the rail is there (the part with the locking mechanism), so you'll just need to mount them on your old lower rails. Note that the lower rails are shown in the pictures, but they aren't included.

Seats are free, but you gotta come get them. Located in Central Oregon, just outside Eugene. I'm selling (cheaply) a full front/back set of black seats on the "for Sale" page, so make me an offer and come get them all! PM me for details.

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