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alfetta gtv stainless steel bumper

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Does anybody know if i can still buy some new or NOS (no rust) front bumper overriders for an alfetta? (i have just noticed that the front bumper profile is different to the rear - is this right?) Also was the 25-27mm wide insert originally black tape (which i am having trouble finding) or some type of rubberised paint?
thanks in advance
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You could try Milano Spares in or Monza Motors/Alfpa Repairs in Melbourne. Milano is the main wrecker in Vic and Monza/Alfpa have been building a lot of Group S GTV 2.0's recently and most dont run bumpers.
thanks for your reply fasteddie888...i will give them a try
i tried marc at milano spares but no luck...they seem to be hard to get
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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