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Alfetta GTV Racing Car

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Hi everyone, its my first posting here and I thought I'd show you my baby :)
I got this car from a friend in October last year, he was going to turn it into a Historic race car but never got round to it. So I took it off his hands and have been working on it since. It has been a complete rebuild and is near to completion....a LOT of work has gone into it as I've done everything myself except the spraying, rollcage, exhaust and engine modifications..

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Nice looking car. And nice wheels. What are they?
Any before pics? Always inspiring to see...
The wheels are the 3 piece Compomotives, they came as an option on the 3 litre GTV that we had here in South Africa, I think the Lotus Espirit had them as standard. Lovely wheels but becoming very scarce...
Here is a pic of the car the day I got it, October last year. Had been standing outside for quite a while..

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GT race car

very nice car , know the 3 liters special for southafrica, have the ****-papers for it , 3 liter with carbs, but extreme thursty, i think? Due the injection was to difficult to service there?
But original, this was a 2 liter with 4 bolt wheels, you converted it? And they had a special glasfiber front hood, i think? for the greater place of the carbs.

Put a foto of my racewinning Alfetta Grp.A ex Alfa germany works car.



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