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Alfetta GT or GTV6

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To Alfa Owners everywhere,

My time has come to buy my first car. I am really passionate about Alfas and I would really like my first car to be one. I am looking for an Alfetta GT or a GTV6 with a good body for under $5000. I am not picky on the colour I just want the body to need as little work as possible as we all know body work is no fun.

Whether or not it runs is not a big deal. (It would actually make things a little more fun if it didn't) The car would be going to a good home and into an Alfisti family. Please let me know if you know of, or have, an Alfa that needs a new home.

Thanks, Alfisti 17
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There's a '76 on ebay.

Alfa Romeo Other GT | eBay
Where are you located?
Ontario Canada
Still looking
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