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This is pure laziness on my part but can speakers be safely installed in the GT's kick panels? What I mean by safely is that they won't be one more obstruction to the water draining out of the windshield base's air inlet?

I've had fairly compact (3.5" x 6" x 2.75" deep) speaker boxes installed on the kick panels for years, but if it isn't feasable to install speakers IN the kick panels themselves, has anyone found even more compact - but great sounding - speaker boxes to install in this location?

I have a pair of fairly decent 6.25" speakers in the usual rear location and to me they don't sound bad - though I want to upgrade them soon. But I'd also like to have better/cleaner sound also coming from the front.

At the moment I'm installing an additional thick layer of insulation to the entire floor area of the car and hope it will quiet things down enough to better hear the music.

Should it matter regarding speaker choices, I mostly listen to classical music.

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