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Folks, I even broke down and read what others have had to say on the subject. Beatle Bayly claims the variation in number of splines is brilliant and makes it a verniar adjustment.

IF this is the case, the difference in alignment (pretend there is a pinpoint laser aimed from the rear to the front) is certainly miniscule per click. Go with me on this (for now). 1 click at one end is 10 degrees 17 minutes which equals 617 minutes. Divide 617 by 35 (number of splines in the front) and one gets 17.6 minutes per spline difference, front to back. So if I want to raise the right side of my Alfetta GT (roughly 5/8"/16.5 mm) and moving the T-bar at the rear 10 clicks clockwise as well as the front 10 clicks, it lowers the end of the lower A-arm 1.76 minutes (about the thickness of a small fart), but will magically move the right side up 5/8"???

C'mon, get out those Cray's and help me here.

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