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Alfetta GT / early GTV tail-lamps (Australia)

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Hi all - a local parts store has a set of Alfetta GT / GTV tail-lamps (the earlier style, with two separate lenses per side instead of the plastic all-in-one from 1983 onward). One minor crack on the inboard side of the right-hand stop lens. All rubber strips in fair condition. If anyone needs a set, message me - I can pick them up for you and send them on. Based in Hobart, Tas, Australia.
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I'm in the US. I'd be interested in the turn signal part if they are yellow. Here we only got red upper and lower.

I'd love to help out Stefano, but after a couple of PMs I think we have a local taker who's going to pick them up for a restoration job. However he might be interested to trade!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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