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Alfetta engine and TA mounts.

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Does anyone have a pic of a properly installed Alfetta sedan rear engine mount? The mount points under the car are different heights, and look to have been made that way. The motormount 'crossbar' is at least 20 degrees off horizontal, and to me it just looks wrong. The images in the Milano/75 manuals show a horizontal crossbar, but the mount points in my sedan are at least 15mm different.
Too, the Milano/75 manuals I have specify a 7mm gap from the top of the bell housing to the shaft, for all petrol 4-cylinders. Does this work for the Alfetta sedans? If there's a spec I can juggle spacers to hit it easily enough, and if the crossbar angle is permissible it's dead easy. The current gap is 'somewhat' more than 7mm.

If the transaxle mounts are well and truly perished, will they transmit hideous noises to the inside of the car? I can hear carrier bearings, and a bit of pinion howl, and I wonder how much of that is due to collapsed mounts.
I have a set of TA mounts, and I've been planning a transaxle swap, but that thought just occurred to me.

Gods willing, I'll be able to render this critter driveable before I move.

Thank you,
Eamon Stanley.
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