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alfetta downpipe cracked at the flange - weld or replace?

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Well, I pulled my downpipe because of a leak near the top, and it turns out it completely broke off at the flange - it's a wonder it didn't fall off or something. Anyway, my question is, would it be more sensible to have this welded back up, or to get a replacement downpipe? It would be easier, and possibly cheaper, to have it welded up, but if getting another one is the right way to go, I will do that.

Thanks in advance!
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down pipe as in the actual steel exhaust? or as in the castiron manifold?

if the exhaust "pipe" cracked i have to ask old is the exhaust..if its realy old id replace the pipe ..if its under 5 years old id weld it......the older the pipes get the harder and harder they are to weld and have the wled hold and not crack around the outside of the weld
Thanks for the reply!

I'm talking about the steel downpipe between the cast iron header and the catalytic converter.... I have no idea how old that downpipe was, seeing as I've only had the car for 2 years.
you can probably have it welded up for about 15-25$ but if its old pipe id bet it re-cracks in under 2 months....generaly speaking if exhaust cracks then it will crack again.....question is, what caused it to crack? a bad mount somewhere on the engine?
Umm... <red face> probably me levering on the downpipe to shift the engine around when I replaced the driveshaft a while back. Although.... now you mention it, my new tailpipe broke off its hanger at the back, hidden behind the valance. However, I did have my mechanic look at it at some point, and he said Alfetta engines tend to bounce around a bit more than, say, spiders, and that my mounts looked fine to him.
if you were intentionaly tweeking on it then just go have it welded back up...but if it cracks again replace it..actualy if it cracks again id replace as much of the systm as the wallet will allow
Centerline has new downpipes for $80.

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