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Hi Alfa People
I am new to ABB and I am trying to contact the pepole that are racing Alfatta GT's. I have a 1976 Alfetta that I am racing in SCCA Vintage in Oregon (PIR). I am having a great time but I have broken a couple of parts and I would like to hear from other racers/street guys about the problems.
You know, I broke this and how it was repaired.

My car was built into a race car in 1982/1983 and numbered in the SCCA SFO region as a GT 3 car. The car ended up in Colorado with a bad head and sat on a mountain for many years. I bought it 4 years ago and it took me two years to get it ready to race. Everything was old and needed to be replaced. So, If you are an Alfetta person I would like to hear from you.
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