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Alfa's at Grattan

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I didn't make it out to the VSCDA Au Grattan event this year, but my co-worker worked one of the corners and took these shots of Alfa's as they went buy. I recognize some of these cars, but I've never seen the sharp looking Alfetta before.


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More Pics

Here are a few more


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thanks for posting...

boy do i ever miss that killer track!

Can I get a list of the GTV/Alfetta racers? Would love to have them in Chicago for the "BIG RACE" day on June 19th 2008.:D

We hope to create a coast to coast reunion of Alfa racers.
Nice Pictures!
The Alfetta 64 is David Michele from South Haven, MI
I think the Green GTJunior 330 is Chuck Kingsley, Chicago area,
Andy Besic in GTV 91, also Chicago area.

And, 51 is Rod Beer from Indiana...

...he's soooooo fast.

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