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Offered in the Netherlands: complete Giulia 105-series rear axle including Alfaholics Racing Differential (limited slip differential) incl. complete Giulia 1600 Super ('67) differential casing, crown wheel & pinion set and two half shafts

Complete assembled rear axle consists of:
- Overhauled 1967 Giulia 1600 Super rear axle (sand blasted and newly powder coated) incl. 1600 differential casing
- Complete differential assembly including crown- and pinion wheel set and short gearing (I believe it's 9/43)
- Alfaholics Racing Differential (limited slip differential - GT Junior Road Version); for which I paid more than €1.050
- Two overhauled 1967 Giulia half shafts

Condition: The complete set was used for less than 5000km and still looks 'like new'. I would recommend to open the differential to make sure the differential is properly set-up

The Alfaholics limited slip diff does drive really nice - it slips really 'progressively' which makes driving it really controlable.

I live in the Netherlands and could ship it abroad, but would have to get a proper quote.

* * * * * Information from Alfaholics website * * * * *

New Alfaholics Racing Differential
Superb new production, manufactured exclusively in the UK for Alfaholics by a state of the art limited slip diff manufacturer. These new diffs represent a huge leap forward in design over our old Gripper units. The old Gripper units used a basic uncoated steel friction plate design and, as a result, necessitated a very high preload setting in order to achieve the levels of friction required in a race diff. The new Alfaholics racing diff uses the same copper sintered friction plate design as developed by leading World Rally Car teams M-Sport Ford and Prodrive Subaru. This high-friction coating allows the static preload pressure to be set lower, resulting in a more progressive diff lock-up that not only provides superior traction, but also makes the diff far easier to drive on the limit; the tail of the car slides more slowly and provides greater driver feedback to control the slide. The copper sintered coating is more durable and eliminates the overheating issues associated with untreated plates under hard competition use. The diameter of the ramp crosspins has been increased in order to reduce internal wear and add significant strength to the diff.

We have carried out extensive testing in order to optimise the new diff on both road and track, which has led us to develop two different ramp settings depending on your application. One setting is for race, extreme trackday and higher BHP use whereas the other setting is optimised for road/rally application and for less powerful cars. Each diff is manufactured with both sets of ramps on each cup, so you can choose which setting you want, especially useful if your type of use changes! A simple internal swap turns a race diff into a road/rally spec diff and vice-versa. We can supply the diff with either setting as standard.

The results of the diff development are stunning both settings offer a dramatic transformation over the old Gripper unit. The race setting provides amazing traction under power (allowing the driver to apply the throttle much harder and earlier) whilst also providing improved adjustability of the car under hard braking and turn in. The road/rally setting provides improved progression under power and further stability under braking than our old road Gripper making the car easier to drive under road & rally conditions. With each setting, the car is more stable during turn in and holds its line much more accurately allowing the driver to place the car with greater precision. When the tail does slide, it is progressive and easy to balance!

The new Alfaholics diff is also 7% lighter than the Gripper unit a useful reduction in unsprung and rotational weight at the rear of the car.

This diff is available in both small non-LSD and larger 2000 ZF casing sizes, and with 3 different side gear designs to suit small non-LSD halfshafts, bigger 2000 LSD halfshafts and 1300GTA/TZ coarse spline halfshafts. All these parts are interchangeable to allow you complete choice of fitment options both now and in the future if your application changes.

As fitted to all Alfaholics GTA-R build and race cars.


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