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OK, I went to the shop today and measured the Monty's height from floor to wheel arch is 26-3/4" at the front. As far as I know, the springs on it are the stock ones. Was this the factory ride height? It seems high.
John, sorry I missed your question last time...

Yes, I had a similar measurement with the Montreal's stock springs (A/C compressor removed by previous owner):

Left front was (28"); Right front was (27-1/8")
Left rear was (26-5/8"); Right rear was (25-3/4")

Now the front measures 24-1/8"
Now the rear measures 24-1/2"

I may have emailed telling you I used a $19 B&D grinder to cut the springs. The ride is still supple and comfortable but somewhat stiffer.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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