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Alfaholics 40mm billet Aluminum Carb mounts.

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Howdy folks, so I'm running 45 dcoe instead of the 40dcoe as I originally planned so I have a set of the Alfaholics billet 40mm mounts for weber carbs available locally in SoCal. I'd like to get what I paid for them which is 99 pounds plus 15 pounds for the rubber washer/buffer upgrade, so that's $190 USD.

Here is a link to the part on their site:

Aluminium Carburettor Mounts – Short | Classic Alfa Romeo spare parts and accessories

I figure if someone needs new carb mounts, this is a good chance to get them without having to pay shipping from UK and it'd help me out.
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private message sent. thanks
Looks like they are sold guys thanks!
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