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Alfa video Clips?

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I was wondering does anyone have Alfa related video clips? Im looking for anything related but mostly 75s, and 164s.

I used to have a video of Memo Moreno driving a 164 on tape but i lost it... :rolleyes:

thankx alot guys
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Milano Movie

This was taken on Old Coach road in Northern California during an Audi run. As you can see from all the patches in the road, it is extremely bumpy. I was determined to keep up with the lead car which was a 300hp A6 4.2 V8;-)

The passenger with the camera also had an A6 4.2, but wanted to see what Alfa was all about.
Does your dash mat say verdegrl in it?

Is that a one way road?
The mat says Verdego

It's kind of a one and half lane road used mainly by farmers. We all ran with two way radios. The lead passenger in the A6 was in charge of detecting obstacles and relaying the info to the rest of the group behind - be that cars, bikes, or anything else. With a tall Verde gearbox, it's mostly 2cd gear stuff through there, sticking near redline. I could have used 3rd sometimes, but that would have meant shifting more, using brakes more, and scaring my passenger even more;-)

We did another drive through there later, and we all remarked how we missed the nervous giggling commentary from the video clip;-)
What's that noise I can hear occasionally in the video? Is that a tire rubbing on the big bumps? I guess it could be the passenger dry heaving :p
Dry Heaving HAHAHHAHA.

I think it's tire rubbing. Verdergrrl, time to lip in those inner fender lips.
Sniady said:
Dry Heaving HAHAHHAHA.

I think it's tire rubbing.
Sorry ;) , I went on a good mountain drive with a group of 5 other WRXs yesterday.. 80 miles of constant good twisties. One of the cars had a passenger that puked FIVE TIMES! :eek: It was nasty... white WRX wagon with vommit splattered all down the passenger side :p

quote for the day: "You aren't having fun till your passengers get sick" :D
Yes, it was the tire rubbing the liner.

The fenders are rolling and shaved inside already. Even the A6 and S6 with sport packages were bouncing off their bump stops and rubbing tires. I rode the same section in the A6 later, and the ride wasn't all that much better than in the Milano. Just an evil road ;-)
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